Kippford Community Nature Reserve

‘The Kipp’

In September 2017 ‘the Kipp’ was purchased by the Kippford Association on behalf of the villagers of Kippford, through their generous financial donations. Known affectionately as The Kipp, it will also be designated as the Kippford Community Nature Reserve.

Comprising 48 acres of open land, the ultimate goal is to develop a community nature reserve with access to all.

kipp nature reserve map


Find Us

You can park at the village hall and walk 2 minutes up the hill to the 30mph sign. There is a swing gate into a boardwalk area leading to the main path. If you need to drop someone off in a car there’s an entrance gate a little further up from the pedestrian access. There is nowhere on the Kipp to park cars at the moment, however we are working with the planning department to construct a small area.  Park on the road at your own risk.

kippford nature reserve
kippford nature reserve
kipp nature reserve

Our Work

We have created paths in the lower field, comprising of 6 acres. This has a main circular path, 1.8M wide, suitable for all walkers, as well as buggies and wheelchairs. The main path has several benches to rest and enjoy the area. A path branches off and up the hill slightly around the perimeter of the field but may be challenging for some.  There is a kissing gate and a swing gate into the rear fields to the remaining 42 acres. This has no paths, it is uneven underfoot and requires sturdy boots.

Advice & Rules

Depending on the season, and the weather, some areas of the land can be very boggy. You are welcome to visit, wander, and enjoy the scenery. We ask you to treat the land with respect. Dogs are very welcome but please keep them under control. We ask that you treat all other visitors and residents, whether human or wild, with respect.

Bird Sightings

One of the main aims of the Kippford Community Nature Reserve is to encourage a diverse habitat for wildlife. Birds play an important part in the landscape, so we thought it would be interesting to track visitors to the Reserve.

If you wish to report a new sighting or confirm a current avian visitor please complete the submission form below.  Birds must be seen within the Nature Reserve or above it.