South West Scotland

About Kippford Village

Kippford Village is located in Dumfries and Galloway in South West Scotland.  It’s situated on the eastern shore at the mouth of the River Urr. Traditionally known as ‘Scaur’, it more recently took the name of Kippford from the former local post office.

Historically the village was an important coastal packet port, with a mill and two quarries.  It housed a small shipyard which repaired sailing vessels.

In more recent times it has become an active area for sailing for pleasure.  The local Solway Yacht Club holds regular regattas here during the summer months.

The village is mostly one road wide, running along the banks of the estuary, however in some areas it has branched off to accommodate a few more houses. Currently, there are 228 properties within Kippford.  Some nestle amongst the trees and cliffs. The village is home to two lovely tea rooms and two fantastic pubs.


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