Hall Hire Terms and Conditions

Bookings: All bookings must be made through the Hall Manager and will be confirmed via email.

Payment: The hire charges will be those applicable at the time of booking. Full payment should be made not less than two weeks before hire date. The hire hours of the Hall will include Hall preparation for the event and cleaning/clearing the Hall after the event. It should be noted that until full payment is made, any bookings will be considered provisional.

Licences: No alcoholic drink is to be sold in the Hall or its grounds without a temporary licence from the local authority. No alcohol is to be served in any way within the Hall or its grounds without consulting the Hall Manager.

Food Service and Preparation: It is the responsibility of the hirer to take account of and comply with any relevant food hygiene regulations.

Electrical Appliances: The hirer shall ensure that any electrical appliances bought into the Hall and used there shall be safe, in good working order and used in a safe manner. No additional heaters are allowed in the hall and extension multiple plug banks shall not be used.

Cancellation: For bookings cancelled within fourteen days of the date of the event, 50% of the hire charge will be retained. For bookings cancelled more than fourteen days prior to the date of the event, there will be no charge and any monies paid will be refunded.

The Kippford Association reserve the right to cancel any booking in the event of:

  • The Hall being required for use as a polling station
  • The Committee considering unlawful activities will take place
  • The Hall is required for emergency use
  • The Hall or part of the Hall is considered unsafe
  • The hirer not paying the appropriate fee.

In the event of such a cancellation, any monies paid for the hire will be refunded.

Hours of Use: The Hall is available for hire from 8am to midnight. Hire of the Hall shall include opening, preparation, cleaning and clearing the Hall.

Noise: Music and noise must be kept to a reasonable level. This also applies to car parking during arrival and departure. All noise must cease by midnight.

Furniture, Equipment, Kitchen Utensils: Hirers are asked to return tables and chairs to the positions/locations as found; this includes replacing articles in storerooms and cupboards. Any kitchen utensils used shall be washed and dried and replaced where found. No notices, pictures, etc., may be pinned, nailed or stuck (tape or BluTack) to the walls of the premises. Notice boards are provided and should be used. All breakages are to be reported and a charge will be made for replacement. Faults (e.g., light bulbs, electric sockets, etc.,) must be reported to the Hall Manager.

Hirers must ensure that all lights are turned off before leaving. A special check should be made of storerooms, kitchen, toilets and outside lights. All taps and electrical equipment should be turned off (unless otherwise shown).

Windows and Doors: Hirers must be sure that all windows, internal doors and fire exits are securely shut before leaving.

Storage: No items are to be left on the premises except with permission of the Hall Manager. Kippford Association Committee will not be liable for breakage or loss of these articles whilst on the premises.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Hall premises.

Cleaning: The Hall premises shall be left clean and tidy. If the kitchen is used, it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that it is swept and washed and that all work/preparation surfaces are wiped down. Switch off the urn after use. Rubbish must be taken home or placed in plastic bags and deposited in the wheelie bin outside the kitchen door (if there is sufficient room in the bin). No rubbish bags to be left outside the bin.

Dogs: No dogs are allowed within the Hall premises.

Hall Keys: Keys provided must be returned to the Hall Manager on the day of the event or, at the latest, the next day.

Car Parking: Cars are parked at owners’ risk.

The Kippford Association Committee reserves the right not to accept bookings from companies or individuals that may conflict with the Association’s Constitution.