The Kippford Association exists to represent the villagers and look after the interests of the village and to manage the village hall and other assets.  This includes providing recreational facilities and organising cultural and social activities.  Everyone who is a resident of Kippford is automatically deemed a member of the Association, which is run by a committee made up of local residents.

The Association is a charity registered in Scotland: SC012840. We rely on the generosity of residents and Holiday Home owners, and also undertake fundraising events throughout the year, to maintain the Village Hall and facilities around the village. See our Donations page on how to contribute.


Office Bearers

Sam Sample
Sam Sample
Cameron Mills
Cameron Mills
Frank Williamson
Frank Williamson
Hall Manager
kippford village beach

Committee Members

  • Joanne Harris

  • Kate Rosindale

  • Kay Harriman

  • Mairi Todd

  • Martin Rosindale

  • Mike Riding

  • Robert Kennedy

  • Councillor Davie Stitt

  • Councillor Ian Blake


AGM Minutes
& Most Recent Minutes

Kippford Association

Minutes of Committee Meeting held 15th May 2023 in the Village Hall

Present Sam Sample, Kate Rosindale, Martin Rosindale, Cameron Mills, Mike Riding, Mairi Todd, Kay Harriman, Brian Carson, Joanne Harris , Frank Williamson.


Ian Blake, Davie Stitt, Robert Kennedy.

2. Minutes of the previous committee meeting

held on the 3rd of April 2023.

The minutes were accepted as a correct record.

3. Matters arising. 

Thanks were given to Kate Rosindale for taking the minutes, for the last 3 months,  whilst Frank was absent.
The landowner, adjoining the Nature Reserver, is making good progress with the planting of new trees and will contact us, at a later date, to discuss the possibility of joining up paths with the Nature Reserve.
The Kippford flag was on display and looked good. It was agreed to raise the flag immediately after the meeting finished.

4. Treasurers report. 

We have £54,302 in the account.
We have received £182 in donations.
£5.00 received from Amazon Smile.
£1656 paid out on picnic tables.
£1,800 paid out on insurance.

5. Nature reserve update. 

Mike reminded us that “Forestry and Land Scotland” would be having a drop in session at the village hall on Monday the 22nd of May. Where they would seek the views of residents concerning future plans for Mark Hill and Tornat woods.

6. Hall managers report. 

Hall heaters – The heating system is fickle and blows cold air sometimes. There is an easy fix which Sam will investigate.
Electrics – The Electric Certification check was done. Some issues found to the value of £625. The test, itself, was £400.
PAT test also required.
Key box – Brian will fix this one.
Hall bookings – Vintage fair booked for June 4th.
Benches – Some benches have been refurbished by the Men’s Shed. Others also need refurbished but MS are rather busy at the moment.

7. Website update. 

We will add the Kippford Flag to the site plus information on the Vintage Fair and Forestry meeting.
The website update is no longer to be a standard agenda item.

8. SCIO update 

No new information.

9. Local Place Plan. 

Important that we all read through this and give feedback.

10. Sewage Treatment Project. 

This drop in session was well attended by residents and gave them the opportunity to see the future plans and give appropriate feedback.

11. Neighbourhood Watch. 

The main coordinator for Kippford Neighbourhood Watch is now Frank Williamson. John Withers will continue as deputy coordinator for Merse Way.
The first meeting, under the new structure, will take place on June 12 th at 7 pm in the village hall.

12. Welcome Pack. 

A New Residents Welcome Pack, from another village, was circulated and everyone agreed it would be a useful document for new arrivals to Kippford.
Frank will produce a Kippford version for approval by the committee.
It was agreed, once approved, that it should be sent to all residents in the first instance for their information and to gain feedback and suggestions for any improvements.

13. AOCB 

Village dinner – Joanne will discuss the possibility/practicality of having the dinner in the Anchor.
Information signs – 2 or 3 signs will be placed around the village to provide information and orientation.
Potholes – The numerous potholes have been reported but no news, yet, on having them fixed.
Coronation celebration – Good feedback has been received despite the terrible weather driving the event indoors.

14. Date of next meeting. 

5th of June 2023 at 7pm in the village hall.

Kippford Association

Minutes of Committee Meeting held 3rd April 2023 in the Village Hall


Sam Sample (Chair), Joanne Harris, Robert Kennedy, Cameron Mills, Martin Rosindale, Davie Stitt (Councillor), Kate Rosindale (Minutes).

1    Apologies

Ian Blake (Councillor), Brian Carson, Kay Harriman, Mike Riding, Mairi Todd, Frank Williamson.

2    Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting held 6 March 2023.

The Minutes were accepted as a correct record of the meeting.

3    Matters arising

  • Item 3 (bullet 2) – Brian Burn’s oak trees – to be raised at next meeting.
  • Item 3 (bullet 5) – the flag has arrived. It will be flown for the first time when the Union Jack is taken down following the Coronation.
  • Item 5 (bullet 2) – SS has received a quote for window repairs. Replacement was recommended. The other windows in the Hall also need replacing. Quoted cost £16,000. SS to ask for more quotes before a decision in made.
  • Item 11 – Toilet block refurbishment. DS updated the meeting. He has sent paperwork to SS and CM. They will discuss and bring it back to the next meeting.

4    Treasurer’s report

CM said it had been a quiet month. A SKIAS payment had been received and spent. £150 had been received from Scottish Power to help with the energy crisis. E-donations have been received for the Nature Reserve (£25) and the Car Park (£8.75).

5    Nature Reserve update

  • MRI met with the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust who are considering running a training course on the Nature Reserve. Probably won’t happen until later in year, or next year.
  • The Shelter. SS had received the following from Simon Pain:
  • Planning permission for the shelter has now been granted. The People’s Project, courtesy of Mark Jardine, have formally committed a grant of £3,000 to the project.
  • An application has been submitted to the D&G Coastal Benefit Fund for a grant of £19,600. It is expected that we will hear the outcome of the funding application in early June. It is intended that we will apply for the balance of the funding to the National Lottery Community fund. The total cost of the project is £27,000.
  • It is a condition of the funding applications, that the work is completed by 31st March 2024.
  • Unruly dogs. After some discussion a vote was taken and it was decided not to put up signs telling visitors to keep their dogs on a lead (5-2).
  • Fiona McCulloch has expressed interest in keeping her horses in the fenced area in the top field (seasonal let). Assuming the committee agrees, we will pursue this possibility, although first there needs to be some way of preventing them getting into the garden of Kipp Lodge, and top gate needs to be secure. SS to pursue security of fencing with Kipp Lodge.

6    Hall Manager’s report (Hall windows and doors)

  • More work required on the windows than expected. See Maters Arising.
  • Lotus Electrical have been doing testing this week.
  • There have been comments that the heating is still not working properly. SS to check.
  • A booking has been made for the Bridge Club prize-giving.
  • A keybox will be set up to make it easier to allow access to the Hall when required.

7    Website update

There was no update

8    SCIO update

RK will approach someone from the Third Sector for advice. Still searching for the Title Deeds.

9    Coronation Celebration update

The Celebration will take place on Monday, 8 May. Start time 12 noon. Poster (JH) to be displayed to inform the Community and information sent out via Kippford Connect (FW).

10  AOCB

  • Discussion about the option to install wi-fi in the Hall. Various options were raised and discarded. Decision to leave this for the time-being.
  • A complaint had been received about the building materials and waste on the grass verge by the slipway. The builders have been identified as the culprits. DS to pursue and report back.

Date of next meeting is on 15 May at 7 pm in the Village Hall.

Kippford Association

Minutes of Committee Meeting held 6 March 2023 in the Village Hall.


Sam Sample (Chair), Brian Carson, Robert Kennedy, Davie Stitt (Councillor), Martin Rosindale, Kate Rosindale (Minutes).

1    Apologies

Kay Harriman, Joanne Harris, Cameron Mills, Mike Riding, Mairi Todd, Frank Williamson.

2    Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting held 6 February 2023.

Item 3, bullet point 6, was amended as follows: MT changed to KH.

3    Matters arising

  • Procedure for posting and amending Minutes. Minutes will be checked by the Chair, then distributed to the members of the Committee by e-mail. Any amendments needed will be raised under Item 2 of the Agenda at the next meeting. The approved Minutes will then be distributed to the members of the Association and a hard copy placed on the Notice Board.
  • Item 3 (bullet 5) – Brian Burn’s oak trees – to be raised at next meeting.
  • Item 5 (bullet 3) – the team has still to meet.
  • Item 9 (bullet 7) – it is a requirement to have 2 Contact buttons on the site if we wish to take donations. Issues raised on the 2nd button will be dealt with by CM.
  • Item 10 – carried forward to the next meeting.

4    Treasurer’s report

CM forwarded details. Receipts: Hall bookings £60, bank interest £50; donations £500. Expenditure: £1,044.35 for electrical work in the Hall (Lotus); £5,097.60 (fencing on Nature Reserve); £163.33 (Performing Rights Licence); usual electricity and cleaning bills.

5    Nature Reserve update

  • The Shelter planning application has been approved.
  • A new path has been scrub cut through native planting under Hog House Hill. More are planned.
  • Twenty replacement trees have arrived and been planted.

6    Hall Manager’s report

  • Broken external lights have been removed. This work has identified the need for a full electrical test and compliance certificate, at a potential cost of £420 + VAT.
  • The windows in the hallway have all dropped. All double glazing to be checked. Quotes will be needed for repairs.

7    Flag pole refurbishment

This has been completed.

8    SCIO

RK will progress this and produce a plan of action. This will be a permanent item on the Agenda.

9    Kippford Flag

The cost of 1 flag will be £125, 2 will be £240. Flags same size as the Union Flag. The purchase of 1 flag was approved.

10  Website update

Dealt with under Matters Arising (bullet point 4)

11  Toilet Block/Coastal Benefit Fund

FW had forwarded information from Karen Brownlie about a possible application to this Fund for refurbishment. Following discussion, it was agreed that this was probably not the correct source of funding. DS to pursue the issue with the appropriate people and report back.

12  AOCB

  • MRo raised an issue about unleashed dogs on the Nature Reserve following a complaint by a resident. Following discussion it was agreed that SS discuss the issue of the possibility of appropriate signage with MR.
  • New/refurbished benches. Three have been replaced and 2 more taken away for refurbishment by Dalbeattie Mens’ Shed. Picnic benches have also been removed. Kippford Association paid for materials. A donation is required for labour. A sum of £250 was agreed (£10 per hour).
  • Clear felling. FW to approach owners to see if replanting is planned. MRi to offer help and advice if required after initial approach.
  • Following a medical incident in the Hall, an offer of privacy screens has been made. The offer was accepted providing there is room to store them.
  • Ironwork on drains in the village has been completed. The tarmac still needs to be repaired. Some drains still need to be unblocked.
  • Thanks to the following: Paul Bartlett of Stone Lane Nursery for replacing 20 specimen birch trees; Tom Green of Thornleigh, Kippford for help and advice in the design of the Kippford Association flag; John Anderson, Plumber from Kirkcudbright, who fixed plumbing in the hall at no cost; Dalbeattie Men’s Shed who have started the refurbishment of benches throughout the village.

Date of next meeting is on 3 April at 7 pm in the Village Hall.

Kippford Association

Minutes of Committee Meeting held February 6th 2023 in the Village Hall.


Sam Sample (Chair), Brian Carson, Kay Harriman, Joanne Harris, Robert Kennedy, Mike Riding, Mairi Todd, Martin Rosindale, Kate Rosindale (Minutes).

1    Apologies

Davie Stitt (Councilor), Cameron Mills, Frank Williamson.

2    Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting held 9 January 2023.

The minutes were accepted as a correct record.

3    Matters arising

  • Table tennis table – arrangements need to be made for storage before collecting it.
  • Infra red heaters for the hall – better management of the heating may make these unnecessary.
  • Heaters in the toilet area have been fixed.
  • The broken thermostat has been replaced.
  • Brian Burn’s oak trees – need to check with FW to ascertain the correct address.
  • Kippford flag – a design was chosen. MT to measure size of flag required and check prices.

4    Treasurer’s report

CM had forwarded details. Receipts: Hall bookings £400 (including booking for a wedding later in the year); donations £190.40; car park £162. Expenditure: aluminium signs for the Nature Reserve.

Outstanding invoices: £1,044.35 for electrical work in the Hall (Lotus); drain clearance on the Nature Reserve (covered by grant).

5    Nature Reserve update

  • The fencing in the Nature Reserve has been completed at a cost of £5,400.
  • The flooding issue has been resolved. Drains have been redirected at a cost of £1,500.
  • There have been requests to sponsor trees and benches. A team will draw up a proposal with a range of options and costs.

6    Shelter planning application

A plan has been presented to the Planning Committee. It is visible on the Planning website Ref 23/0112/FUL.

7    Arboretum tree replacements

Approximately 20 trees have been lost. The original supplier has agreed to replace them free of charge, excluding delivery. SS will send a letter of thanks.

8    Coronation celebrations update

It was agreed that the celebrations will be on Monday 8 May. It will be a low key event similar to that for the Queen’s Jubilee.

9    Website

  • The site has been updated.
  • CM and MT will co-manage.
  • MT has completed training.
  • It will be a rolling item on the agenda.
  • CM will handle requests for bookings. MT will post Minutes, updates on the Nature Reserve and news. News items to be sent to MT to keep it up to date.
  • Minutes section will be tidied up by archiving older ones. Minutes will no longer contain the Account balance.
  • Currently there are 2 different Contact buttons on 2 different pages and targeted to 2 different places. The one on the Bookings page is monitored by CM ( The other one has not been monitored as it points to Info@KippfordVillage. MT found some notifications there which will be dealt with by SS and MRi. In the short term the site developers (Tangled Web) will be asked to aim both buttons to CM.

10  Local Place Plan

MRo has been asked by Colvend Community Council to find information relevant to this plan. He has emailed information to all committee members who are tasked to read it and come back with proposals.

11  New residents’ welcome pack.

FW has sent information about such a pack in Bayly’s Beach, New Zealand. He wondered is we wanted to produce such a pack and what could be placed in it. Discussion will take place at the first meeting following the arrival of a sample pack.

12  AOCB

  • MRo described the Ruan Minor Gazette, a booklet which is circulated in that area of Cornwall and wondered if we should develop the Kippford News Bulletin in such a way. After discussion it was decided that such information could be issued via the website and advertised through the WhatsApp Group. Attempts will be made to find out how many residents would prefer to receive a paper copy. MRo and MT will liaise regarding content. It is hoped that articles on a variety of themes can be produced.
  • The drains in the village will be repaired at some point.

Date of next meeting is on 6 March at 7 pm in the Village Hall.

Kippford Association

Minutes of Committee Meeting held 9 January2023 in the Village Hall.


Sam Sample (Chair), Brian Carson, Kay Harriman, Joanne Harris, Cameron Mills, Mike Riding, Mairi Todd, Kate Rosindale (Minutes).

1   Apologies

Ian Blake (Councilor), Davie Stitt (Councilor), Robert Kennedy, Martin Rosindale, Frank Williamson.

2   Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting held 28 November 2022.

The minutes were accepted as a correct record.

3   Richard Clarke – Coastal Trail Development

Richard is looking to develop a long distance, coastal trail from Gretna to Portpatrick and is attending meetings with interested groups and organisations to gather concerns, objections, and people to go to for help or information. The route would follow the lower Jubilee Path. Approval of his intentions was given, and a good discussion took place regarding possible routes to Dalbeattie. He invited members for a walk of the route in Spring. He will contact SS for a letter of recommendation to help him with grant applications.

4   Matters arising

  • Quarry Road is on the Council list for Spring when the weather improves.
  • Car park toilet block – FW contacted the Council to add this to their budget for next year.
  • Flag protocol – the Flag Institute website looks to be an excellent source,
  • Table tennis table – hasn’t arrived yet. Storage place needed.

5   Treasurer’s report

Income: donations received £607.80, Hall lets £220, donations from New Year’s Day £190.40. miscellaneous £217.00. Expenditure: Miscellaneous £185, Christmas Tree and printing of AGM papers £280. Balance on account £61,885.15.

6   Nature reserve update

There has been considerable flood damage recently. Feed drains are blocked above the pond. MRi has contacted contractors to investigate what is needed (approx cost £500). If new drains required cost may be £2,000 approx. Funds are available. Recommendation is to go ahead if costs are reasonable. If large sums are required multiple quotes should be sought. Fencing installation should be going ahead soon. Significant path improvements are needed on the upper part of the reserve. Funding will be needed to carry these out. Richard Copson has offered to continue to provide support in obtaining grant funding

7   Hall heaters update and frost proofing toilet area

  • There have been problems in the Hall when the temperature has remained below 0°C over several days. SS is going to investigate the cost of using infra red heaters.
  • The heaters in the toilet area will be fixed soon. Two options were available from Lotus: individually controlled £921, centrally controlled £1,251. SS will proceed with the cheaper option.
  • A new thermostat will be needed in the porch area and investigation of the underlying problem.

8   Wreath laying 2023

SS wondered if the Association laid a wreath at the war memorial. No one was sure.

9   Nature reserve and village bench replacements

A slightly different design is available for £500 each. Two or 3 are needed along the front. Several families have expressed interest in buying one. They will need to be secured to the ground at a cost of £100. It was decided to charge buyers £600 along with responsibility for maintenance.

Another picnic table should be purchased for in front of the Hall – cost £600.

10 Hall charges

These will not be increases CM wondered about charging villagers for the use of the Hall when they are raising money for charities. It was decided that decisions about offering a reduction would be made for individual cases.

11 Holiday cover

CM will be away on holiday during February, March and April. Cheques may be needed during this time. CM will leave the cheque book with SS.

12 Oak trees in Brian Burn’s garden

Small trees and seedlings are available. MRi will visit and investigate.

13 Christmas tree dismantling

Tree is down and waiting for RK to take it away.


  • Kippford flag. Updated designs were available and a lively discussion took place. There was one clear favourite. Adjustments were suggested and it was decided to offer villagers a choice between the preferred option and a couple of others. KH and MT will take suggestions back to their expert for modifications.
  • JH reported the Colvend Primary School is being considered for “mothballing” by the Education Committee as the roll is below 10 pupils. This involves closing the school, boarding it up to make it secure with a view to reopening when numbers permit.

Date of next meeting is on 6 February at 7 pm in the Village Hall.

Kippford Association AGM 2022

Minutes of the 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Kippford Association held in Kippford Village Hall at 7pm on Monday 28th November 2022.

  1. Welcome by the Chairperson of The Kippford Association (Sam Sample)

Sam said the following:

Good evening everyone.

Just a reminder, for those of you who may not have attended a Kippford Association AGM, it is important that you sign the attendance sheet in the lobby, if you haven’t already can you take a moment to do it on your way out.

And we are asking for contact details, so that we can update our database, and if haven’t already, you have the opportunity to join the Kippford WhatsApp group by putting your mobile number down.

Thank you for attending this evening, it seems a long time since the last AGM in 2019, indeed a lot has changed in the last 3 years.

Not least many of the faces on the committee who sit before you tonight.

One of the main things that has struck me over the last few years is how important continuity is during periods of uncertainty, and I can only offer reassurance that despite all that has occurred over the intervening years your current committee is now working hard to rebuild much of what was lost during the Pandemic and actually what makes Kippford such a great place to live.

I hope this will become clear as the meeting progresses.

But one of my jobs is to offer thanks to all the committee members who have resigned since the last AGM.  So in no particular order I’d like to thank,

Val Bradbury

Martin Barrett

Wendy Warne

Richard Copson


David Jamieson

Thank you to you all.

There is no doubt in my mind that serving your community is a great thing to do.

Giving something back, whether it is time volunteering or a cash donation, both are vital to the ongoing success of our village life.

And at this point mention by name would also have been made of those villagers lost in the previous year. Instead, and for fear of omission on this occasion but without diminishing the importance of the moment, I would respectfully request we have a minute of silent contemplation, as a mark of respect for all the villagers who have passed away in the last 3 years as well those lost across the country as a result of the Pandemic.


Thank you

And now to all the newcomers in the village, some who arrived during the peak of the crisis when the village was in lockdown, hopefully you are now beginning to see and experience that Kippford has to offer, welcome to you all.

So now to the business of the meeting.

  1. Apologies.

Apologies were received from:

John and Sharon Withers, Tom and Anne Miller, Onkar and Jane Singh, Gerry and Lynda Dunlavey, Val Bradbury, Tony and Barbara Hartnell, Margaret and Bob Wright, Robert and Susan Gemmell, Maragaret Brown, Lyn Watt, Alastair Dinnwiddie, Fiona and Gordon Blanford, Jane and Colin Stewart, Marion Donnelly, Brian and Barbara Smith, Rita Stanfield, Carolyn Kennedy, David Butler.

There were 43 people in attendance.

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 25th November 2019.

Draft minutes had been published and distributed previously. These were agreed to be an accurate record. Proposed by Richard Copson and seconded by David Woodthorpe-Evans.

  1. Matters arising.

There were no matters arising.

  1. The Chairpersons Review and Plans (Sam Sample)

Sam said the following:

The hall was effectively shut for 2 years, but I’m happy to report that we now have many of the regular activities taking place again.

Badminton, Bridge, Chatter Cups, Yoga and Carpet Bowls.

We have also had the local Artists exhibiting, Sailibility and the RNLI using the hall in the last few months.

We now employ a cleaner to maintain the inside and a groundsman to maintain the outside area.

We have restarted a repair and refurbishment programme, including replacement of a broken heater, the fire alarm has been repaired and the plumbing has also been checked over.

We will be refurbishing the electric heaters, to make sure they are as efficient as possible as well as a full assessment of the fabric of the building to ensure it is being adequately maintained. Currently myself and Cameron are managing the hall, but our hope is that we will be able to appoint a hall manager in due course.

Discussion has taken place within the committee about the possible refurbishment or extension of the kitchen. However with the increased cost of such works, this project has been put on hold, but it can be revisited. At the time of that discussion an estimated cost of approximately £2,500-£3,000 per square metre was indicated as a potential cost, so doing the math, a 5×5 metre extension could cost in excess of £60,000. A potential refurb of the existing space might be possible, but improved functionality would be difficult given the limited space and the inherent health and safety issues would remain.

Work is underway to refurbish or replace benches throughout the village. I’m working with the Dalbeattie Mens Shed on the repair of benches that can be repaired. But we will also be replacing benches that have come to the end of their useful life.

The bus stop by The Ark will be repainted next year as the salt wash and weather is damaging the render.

With an eye to future village events, the New Years Day gathering will take place.

Plans are afoot for a celebration of the Kings Coronation in May next year and with your approval we would seek to move the village Dinner to October next year.


Hopefully by now many of you will have seen the new village website.  The previous version had served its purpose well, however it became clear to the committee that newer technology and media could be utilised to provide an easier platform to administer and better serve the communities needs. Thanks to Cameron for teaming up with the web builders to create the framework and to Martin Rosindale for many of the images, also mention must be made of David Jamieson for working with us, to provide a seamless transition.

We also now have a WhatsApp group, modelled on the Colvend Community Councils version, it allows speedy transmission of information across the village.  Hopefully both the website and the WhatsApp group have the potential to serve the community well over the coming years.

At this point there was a question, from the floor, concerning the unification of benches and seats and their positioning.

Sam confirmed that it was the intention , when replacing, to have the benches and seats the same design.

Positioning was limited to existing concrete bases.

  1. Questions for the Treasurer. (Cameron Mills)

Cameron welcomed everyone and gave particular thanks to Richard Copson , the previous treasurer, for doing such an excellent job.

The draft accounts had already been distributed and Cameron advised their was £1200, in addition, courtesy of the HMRC.

Cameron said that all donations were were welcome and referred everyone to the donations page (circulated with AGM pack) or the donate button on our website.

Text donations have started to come in for the car park and nature reserve.

Cameron advised that we are looking for a Sign Off Accountant.

  1. The Kippford Community Nature Reserve – update (Mike Riding)

Mike gave us a brief history of the nature reserve.

Owned since 2017 and purchased to protect land from further development.

2018 – small team started to make the land into a reserve. Open days organised. Statement of intent was written and displayed.

2019 – work started on planting trees. Including 1000 oaks. Lots of blossom trees planted at woodland edge. Created wheelchair friendly pathways, pond and gates. Arboretum planted to include many Special birch types.

Last winter an orchard was planted and included local apple varieties (it was suggested here that Onkar could make some Kippford Cider from the harvest)

What next – Blue Bell Wood is getting smothered by rhododendrons and sycamore needs thinning.

Grant for fencing was received, about 2 years ago, and will be used for conservation grazing. This will involve animals for around 2 months each year (probably ponies)

Flooding, near the pond, needs fixing. Footpaths will be maintained. Tree tubes may be removed soon. Map sign to be erected.

Mike would like to introduce more flowers. Flowering shrubs will be planted.

Mike said if their was something the residents wanted planting then please let him know.

Colvend Community Council are looking to erect a shelter, on the nature reserve in memory of Derek Roan.

  1. Ratification of Committee Members.

Sam said the following:

I mentioned earlier that continuity is a vital reassuring element in managing an organisation like this one, that seeks to serve its community from within.

I’m very aware that the current committee looks quite different from the one that last sat before you at the AGM in 2019. The circumstances brought about by the Pandemic meant that we had to co opt new members to bolster the preexisting committee. But I hope you can see that this committee is working well, not only to maintain but improve the village facilities and village life as a whole.

The Associations constitution provides a framework by which we should conduct our business. In respect of the committee it has guidelines regarding the appointment of committee members. However there is no advice or guidance on the appointment of committee members during unprecedented circumstances, ie the Covid crisis and no help is found there either, when restarting the business of the Association after a prolonged period of inactivity.

With regard to the ratification of the committee members, I would respectfully ask the meeting to take a pragmatic approach, taking into consideration all that has been achieved and knowing there is more to be done next year. I would seek agreement for the current committee to be reappointed in full, with the addition of Brian Carson.

Sam asked for a show of hands and the residents voted in agreement with her proposal.

  1. AOCB

Sam said the following:

Mike mentioned and some of you may have noticed mention of plans for a shelter to be erected on the Kipp. Funded almost entirely by grant funding by Colvend Community Council, this project is in its infancy, but your committee is in agreement with the plans and would hope to see it come to fruition, it does require planning permission at which point the grant funding can be sought. The Colvend Community Council do not wish to spend out on the planning process, if it then transpires that the majority of residents do not agree. Tonight gives an opportunity to test the water and see if there is a positive or negative response to this idea. The shelter in question is a bespoke, locally designed and manufactured shelter with benches. There’s an almost identical version in the community gardens in Auchencairn.

At this point a resident asked for confirmation that the shelter was in memory of Derek Roan and Sam confirmed that it was.

Their was another question, from the floor, concerning who would pay for any future maintenance costs. Sam is unsure, on this, and will seek clarification from CCC.

Sam asked for a show of hands seeking approval for the shelter and the floor overwhelmingly agreed.

The meeting finished at 7.40 pm.

25 Nov 2019

Below are the draft minutes from the Kippford Association AGM held on November 25 2019

Papers were circulated to all residents one month prior to the meeting.

Draft Minute of the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Kippford Association held in Kippford Village Hall at 7.00 pm on Monday 25 November 2019.

  1. Welcome by Chairperson of the Kippford Association (David Jamieson)

The Chairperson welcomed the audience to the meeting, introduced himself and explained that it was his first AGM as Chair.

The attendance sheet recorded 50 signatures.

  1. Apologies for absence

Apologies had been received from 9 members.

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 26 November 2019

Draft Minutes had been published and distributed previously. These were agreed to be an accurate record. Proposed by Frank Williamson. Seconded by Tony Hartnell.

  1. Matters arising from the Minutes of the last meeting

There were no matters arising. A comment had been made regarding point 7 which referred to the necessity of responsible landowners to cull deer when necessary. There was some opposition to this view but it was hoped that it would not be necessary in the near future. The situation will be monitored.

  1. The Chairperson’s Review (David Jamieson)

This was divided into 2 parts – the Hall and the Nature Reserve – the 2 assets for which the Committee is responsible.

  • The Village Hall. The main refurbishment has now been completed. The new curtains were the last element added. Feedback from within and outwith the Village has been good and we should be proud of the Hall as a focus for the Village and the wider community. The Hall has been used throughout the year for regular clubs, 2 weddings and various charity events. All money raised from these is fed back into Hall funding. No charge is made for the use of the Hall by charities. A number of Village events have been held, including a recent wine tasting evening and the Village Dinner which was moved from May to October due to the difficulty of finding a suitable date. The success of the move has led to requests that October be the regular date. Not all events are fund-raisers. A new group, Chatter Cups, has been set up to provide a regular drop in tea/coffee session. It has been very successful so far. It was set up by Jean Marchbank, assisted by the Chairperson. All are welcome.
  • The Nature Reserve.  The formal name for this is the Kippford Community Nature Reserve. This name will be used on notice boards and when publicising the Reserve more widely. It has already generated interest from the wider community with invitations to speak at Dumfries and Galloway Council events to promote volunteering and the use of social media as a means of communication. Communication methods used include an email list of residents (147 registered addresses), Facebook (500+ Followers), Twitter and Instagram accounts, a website which includes Minutes of meetings, names of Committee Members etc, and a paper Newsletter with key stories and event details which is circulated to every house. The latter was restarted this year and has received good feedback. Any suggestions for improvement in communication methods are welcome eg What do you think we are missing?

There were no questions.

  1. Questions for the Treasurer – the Treasurer’s Report (Richard Copson)

The Trustees Annual Report, Balance Sheet and Receipts and Payments Account had been circulated previously. The Accounts have been audited by K H Biggar, CA and reported to OSCR,  the Charities regulator.

A number of questions were asked which focussed mainly on the funding of the Nature Reserve in the future, when setting up grants had been spent.

Question – Is it the intention to continue to keep separate accounts for the Hall and the Nature Reserve? Answer – This will continue for next year but in the future the accounts will be merged although significant expenditure in either area will be identifiable.

Question – How will the Nature Reserve fund itself in the future? Answer – a wayleave payment, charges for grazing, a donation box on the Reserve  and Forestry Commission maintenance funding.

Question – If the accounts are merged how can villagers make donations to just the Hall or the Reserve? Comment – It will be difficult to split some donations as those for car parking may be made with the intention of visiting the Village, the Reserve or both.

The Chairperson intervened to record that we should be proud of being ahead of the curve in improving the environment by planting trees and stating  that the Committee will keep a watching brief on spending in each area as there is no intention of overcommitting spending to the Reserve and not continuing to refurbish the Hall when required. Applications for further grants for the Reserve will be made if/when necessary.

The Treasurer concluded that information provided in the Accounts will be detailed enough for transparency. The Treasurer requested villagers make the usual  annual donation to ensure the future viability of the Association.

  1. The Kippford Community Nature Reserve – update (Mike Riding)

The formal name of the Reserve will be used when dealing with the wider community although some residents may continue to call it The Kipp. Grants have been received from the Forestry Commission, D&G Council, Robin Rigg Community Fund, Lottery Awards For All and SWEAT Landfill Fund. A grant from Scottish Natural Heritage is awaited. Letters and emails have been received praising the Reserve.

Work done this year includes:

March – 4,600 native woodland trees arrived (17 species) and were planted by volunteers over the course of 26 mornings. They have been planted in 6 compartments to create a wildlife habitat mosaic. The final session attracted 30 volunteers. Payment of the grant has been made following a successful inspection of the work. The trees have established very well and fewer than 40 have died.

April/May – Local contractors, Dempster Plant Ltd, were hired to carry out the structural work on the site. Work began in August to create: paths, a pond, benches, culverts, gates and drains. Signposts for the entrance and sponsor acknowledgement are still to come. Finger posts with directions will be added. Water downflow is a continuing issue and will be monitored and corrected as required.

November – The planting of the Arboretum will be done. The focus will be on the birch tree. Advice has been provided by Threave Gardens and the National Birch Collection (Devon). A planting plan has been drawn up and birches from Scotland, Japan, Nepal, China, India, Iran, Georgia, Azarbaijan, and North America will be planted. This will be a special collection.

The Future – Once tree planting has concluded, the work on habitat improvement will continue. This includes scrapes, scrubland, meadows, bird boxes etc. Grants will be applied for to improve the top entrance ie to rebuild the dyke and remove old and damaged trees. A new secure gate will be added at the top. An old well has been discovered in the middle of the Reserve and the stonework will be restored.

Maintenance – The Forestry Commission will supply funding for weeding for 5 years. Volunteers will be needed for strimming and maintaining ditches.

Sponsorship – It will be possible to apply to sponsor a tree or a bench. Costs will be £100 for a tree and £350 for a bench. Plaques will be created for these. There will be 8 benches (3 are already sponsored including one for the residents). Applications to David Jamieson by e-mail.

A number of questions were asked.

Question – What are the plans for parking? Answer – the Council has not given planning permission due to limited sightlines. As a separate project, the Committee is pursuing a reduced speed limit on the road (more information under AOCB) – this may assist the limited sightlines.

Question – How can disabled visitors access the Reserve? Answer – The lower path has been designed for motability access. Gradients have been tested for pushchairs and motability scooters. It is hoped to have car parking spaces when possible.

Question – Will the paths be accessible for mountain bikers? Answer – No because of damage to the paths but, hopefully, signs will not be required to deter them.

  1. Ratification of Committee Members

As the Committee currently has a full complement of 12 members with none having completed the 3 year limit included in the Constitution, a proposal was made to forego an election but to ask the meeting to ratify the co-opting of Sam Sample. This was not agreed as there was a nomination from the floor. An election, with secret ballot, was held. Sam Sample was proposed by Pat Finlay and seconded by Eileen Steele. Mervyn Wallace was proposed by John Opray and seconded by Martin Rosindale. The votes were cast and counted by Robert Kennedy and Eileen Steele. Sam Sample was duly elected. The Chairperson will contact Mervyn Wallace should another vacancy arise.

  1. AOCB – Any Other Competent Business
  • Repairs to the Hall floor will be carried out.
  • An extension to the Hall kitchen has been proposed. A feasibility study is being carried out and costing will be done. The amount will be higher than the Committee can allocate and so a presentation and special meeting will be required. Costs would need to be recouped and so changes to the use of the Hall would need to be considered.
  • Speed reduction – discussions have taken place regarding the possibility of reducing the current speed limit of 60 mph to 40 mph on the road between the junction with the A710 and the 30 mph sign. Speed testing has been done and the campaign will continue.
  • Scottish Water Infrastructure proposals – There is no update on what was presented at an information stand in the car park on Monday. The Chairperson is pursuing more details regarding Why?, Where? and When? work will be carried out. He is working with Colvend Community Council which is recognised by the Council as a planning body and proposes a Sub-committee with representatives from Merse Way, Jubilee Path and Rough Firth. Information received will be distributed using the usual communication methods.
  • The water heater in the kitchen has been repaired.
  • Gerry Dunlavey thanked the Committee and residents for the work they do for the Village.
  • The Chairperson thanked the Committee for their work.

The meeting closed at 8.35 pm.