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Kippford RNLI Fundraiser

To mark the 200th Year Anniversary of the RNLI local artist Louisa Birdsall has created a new artwork. These pieces will be offered as prizes for each of the three walking trail quizzes. Walking quiz trails (£2 each, £5 for all three) are available at The Ark, Colvend Shop and

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Hogmanay Party

Hogmanay Party The Kippford Village Hall Hogmanay Party is happening again this year for Kippford residents and guests.  Tickets are already in demand and will be limited to 100. So, if you need tickets please let Tony Hartnell (01556 620246) or David Butler (01556 620275) know. The music and

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Nature Reserve Update – February 2023

The Kipp Nature Reserve Update Our native woodlands will be four years old next month. The amount of ground cover is increasing and more wildlife is finding shelter and security among the trees. We have a healthy deer population (too healthy some would say!) that feed across the reserve

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Nature Reserve Update – February 2022

The Kipp Nature Reserve Update The 4,600 trees we planted in March 2019 will soon be 3 years old. There have been very few losses and, thanks to our efforts at weeding and re-staking, the trees are now well established and, generally, able to look after themselves. In Spring 2021 we saw

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Tree of the Year

Tree of the Year 2021 We did it! Our tree has won Tree of the Year 2021. It is an honour that "the tree" in Kippford made it to the shortlist for the UK Tree of the Year 2021. Anyone who visits Kippford will know 'the tree'. It stands proud, stoic, determined,

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Nature Reserve Update – June 2021

The Kipp Nature Reserve Update I think May can be described as having been a benign month. Damp, but not too wet, cool, but without any severe frosts. Not the sunniest May, but nor was it too dour. The weather seems to have suited the nature reserve - the trees, after a

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