The Forestry Commission Scotland have given their support to our plans for the Kipp Community Nature Reserve, having committed to provide £18,000 of funding. This money will cover the cost of 4,600 native tree seedlings to be planted in seven small woodland compartments across The Kipp. These will be important elements of the habitat mosaic which will also include, ponds, wetlands, meadows and scrub - perfect habitat for a diversity of wildlife.

The 60 cm tree seedlings will arrive in February/March 2019. Given time, and with a little help from nature, they will mature into fine oak, alder, birch, Scots pine, aspen canopy trees surrounded by woodland edge flowering trees such as willow, rowan, crab apple, cherry, hawthorn and blackthorn - ideal territory for goldfinches, long-tailed tits, yellowhammers and song thrushes, and suitable and much-needed cover for hedgehogs and voles.

The woodland will improve year on year and will continue to benefit the environment for many decades to come.
Would you like to create a native woodland? Would you like to offset your carbon footprint? Then why not come along and plant a tree, or a hundred trees if you wish.

We are still at the planning stage, but more information will be available in the coming months.