Val Bradbury attended an information event in Dalbeattie on 11th November 2019, hosted by D&G Council on their plans for new waste collection and recylcing.  Below is a summary of information obtained at the event:

1. Two extra bins will be given to every Household.  One for paper and card and one for plastic bottles, cans, pots, trays and cartons.

2. There will be not be a bin for garden waste or glass. 

  • Garden waste will go into the black bin for non recyclable items!
  • It is hoped that most garden waste will be taken to Dalbeattie or Castle Douglas Recycling centres.
  • Glass bottles and jars will have to be taken to the bins in the car park in Dalbeattie.
  • It is proposed that another set of bins will be located in Dalbeattie.


3. There will be a 4 week cycle to empty the bins.  Weeks 1 and 3 will be the black bin for non recyclable items.

  • Week 2 will be the paper and card bin.  Week 4 the plastic bottle etc bin.
  • One bin only to be collected each week

4. I understand that householders will not be forced to have the extra bins if they do not want them.

5. Opening times for the Dalbeattie tip will be increased  ie  12.15 – 1800 hours from Thursday to Monday.

6. There is an assisted Collection Service for the Elderly/Less able. Phone 0303 333 3000 if you require this service.  Apparently the bin has to be located not more than 30 metres  from the collection point.


If you want more information you can email