At our open meeting in the village hall last week we talked about the first phase of the Kippford Community Nature Reserve -- Tree Planting.

It was great to have people sign up as volunteers to assist in this.  Below are details of the dates for the event.

If you're interested, please drop an email to  Anyone can come along -- plant one tree, or one hundred, or just come along to watch.

Tree Planting

Tree planting can be broken down into the following stages:

  •  Preparing the mound (using a spade, sturdy boots and gardening gloves)
  •  Laying out the stakes and tubes (gardening gloves)
  •  Putting in the stake (mallet and gloves)
  •  Sorting and laying out the trees (gloves, knife)
  •  Planting the trees (spade or trowel, gloves and boots)
  •  Putting on the tube (gloves)
  •  Standing back and admiring the work (no specialist equipment required)

Of these stages only the first stage, preparing the mound (“mound prepping”), is heavy work,
involving digging, chopping and heeling-in. It is also the task that takes most time.

On Wednesday 20th Feb.

Trees, tubes and stakes will be delivered to top gate. We don’t yet know the time of the delivery –
this will be communicated early next week. Alastair will be there with his tractor and trailer to move
all the materials to the planting areas.

It would be good to have 4 or 5 volunteers available to help load and unload the trailer. This will be
some heavy lifting involved. Boots or wellies, and gardening gloves would be advisable. There may
also be time for a bit of mounding preparation, so a small spade would be useful.

On Thursday 21st / Friday 22nd

We will get some areas ready for tree planting to start at the weekend.

Mounding prepping – chopping the centre of the mound with a spade to cut through the turf and
creating a tilth (into which the tree will later be planted) is the slowest stage, so we need to get an
area started so that the weekend tree planters are not held up.

On Saturday 23rd / Sunday 24th

Tree planting starts. The core times will be 9.00 – 11.30 am and 2.00 – 4.00 pm. If you are planning
to put in a full stint, then you might want to bring a flask of hot tea or coffee, you will really
appreciate it. We will be starting with an area at the top of the Kipp, which is a little bit of a hike
from the road. As previously communicated, you can plant as many or as few trees as you wish. Or
you can just come for a look.

At the end of the weekend we will take stock of the progress we have made and work out a schedule
for the following weekend.