This week the tree planting continues.  We are currently working in the area behind Kipp House.  Come in through the top gate at The Kipp, walk up the field and veer to the left.
Planting times are weekdays 9-11am, and weekends 9am-12noon.  Please note that we are NOT planting on Wednesday this week as the forecast is poor. 

We've had great support so far but it would be nice for a big push at the weekend.  If you can spare 30 mins or three hours, please do come along.  You can plant one or one hundred trees, or just watch and encourage.

To date we estimate we have planted 2,600 trees -- which is a phenomenal effort from all.

See you in the field.

Tree Planting

Tree Planting

Inside each of the green tubes is a tiny little tree, planted with love, care, and in many cases, well wishes from its planter (you know who you are -- talking to each tree!)