In September 2017 'the Kipp' was purchased by the Kippford Association on behalf of the villagers of Kippford, through their generous financial donations. Known affectionately as The Kipp, it will also be designated as the Kippford Community Nature Reserve.

Comprising 48 acres of open land, the ultimate goal is to develop a community nature reserve with access to all.  Plans are being prepared for the installation of accessible paths, natural water areas and planted sections forming a wildlife habitat mosaic.

Plan for the Nature Reserve, May 2018

Plan for the Nature Reserve, May 2018

Depending on the season, and the weather, some areas of the land can be very boggy.  It is also quite uneven underfoot.  You are welcome to visit, wander, and enjoy the scenery.  Please treat our land with respect.  There is no where to park cars at the moment, however you can park at the village hall and walk up the hill.  There are two entrance gates off the main road; the one opposite the small telephone exchange gives access to an enclosed section which currently houses a few sheep and a horse.  Please access via the top double-gate but be wary if there has been wet weather.

The Kipp also provides various access points to the Forestry and further walks.

Sensible, strong shoes or boots are required.  You make use of our land at your own risk.

Click here to view an access map of the area, including links to forestry walks.