#The Kipp

On Monday 11th February at 7pm we are holding a brief update meeting regarding The Kipp.  We would be pleased to explain our funding applications, and our plans to plant 4,600 trees in the coming few weeks.

We have now secured funding to proceed with the project. Total funding stands at £89,000 to date.

Wetland Areas

21 Dec 2018

The mounding for the trees has been completed this week. The mounds will have a couple of months to settle before we start tree planting in March.

Work started this week on the preparation of planting sites for the native woodland. A contractor with a digger will be on the land throughout this week creating planting mounds - basically small heaps of inverted turf into which we will, in March, plant the tree seedlings. The mounds provide an area of tilth in which the tree roots can establish, as well as suppressing the grass which might otherwise overwhelm the seedlings. The mounds will be left to settle over the winter.

The Forestry Commission Scotland have given their support to our plans for the Kipp Community Nature Reserve, having committed to provide £18,000 of funding. This money will cover the cost of 4,600 native tree seedlings to be planted in seven small woodland compartments across The Kipp. These will be important elements of the habitat mosaic which will also include, ponds, wetlands, meadows and scrub - perfect habitat for a diversity of wildlife.