On the evening on the 15th March 2019, the Village Hall hosted a fundraiser for the Dumfries Branch of Parkinson's UK.

We’re almost there!

Good progress has been made this week. By the end of Friday we estimate 4,000 trees will have been planted, leaving 600 to go.


We're delighted to report that the new hall curtains have been hung, and are looking great.

We had a great morning on Saturday with 14 volunteers planting from 9.00 to 12.00, and almost completing one area of 400 trees from start to finish! This really has boosted our progress.

We’ve had some pretty inclement weather to deal with this week on The Kipp, so well done to those who came along to help.

By the end of Friday, we should have finished the compartment above Kipp House, so, in total we must have planted 3,000 trees!

This week the tree planting continues.  We are currently working in the area behind Kipp House.  Come in through the top gate at The Kipp, walk up the field and veer to the left.
Planting times are weekdays 9-11am, and weekends 9am-12noon.  Please note that we are NOT planting on Wednesday this week as the forecast is poor. 

We had lovely weather for today’s tree planting and lots of enthusiastic volunteers, many planting trees for the very first time.

The count at the end of Sunday is 1,050 mounds prepared, 850 trees planted! Pretty good!

We finally started planting trees today, with a 2-hour session in the morning and the same in the afternoon.

Again, many thanks to those who came along with their trowels, mallets and spades: we have planted about 200 oak trees. There was also a team preparing the mounds for planting, and they have, in total prepared planting sites for 900 trees.

Some 500 planting mounds, prepared over the past two days, are ready for our first tree planting session this weekend. We will be planting in the top field Saturday (tomorrow) 9.00 - 11.00 am and 2.00 - 4.00 pm. 

Tree Planting Plan

15 Feb 2019

At our open meeting in the village hall last week we talked about the first phase of the Kippford Community Nature Reserve -- Tree Planting.

It was great to have people sign up as volunteers to assist in this.  Below are details of the dates for the event.

We're in the Press

15 Feb 2019

This week's Galloway News has a feature on The Kippford Communicate Nature Reserve.  Click here

Paper News Letters

09 Feb 2019


One of our aims for 2019 and beyond is to have better communication with Villagers.  We recognise that not everyone is on email, and also that some prefer a physical read, so we have been considering the relaunch of a paper newsletter.

February Pot Holes

08 Feb 2019


The following potholes have been reported to the Council:

Near the entrance to Merse Way
As you come into the village at the Kippford sign
Near the entrance to the Caravan Park
Just past the Mariner pub

On Monday 11th February at 7pm we are holding a brief update meeting regarding The Kipp.  We would be pleased to explain our funding applications, and our plans to plant 4,600 trees in the coming few weeks.

Burst Sewage Pipe

21 Jan 2019

There is a burst sewage pipe on the way in to the village, opposite the old telephone exchange. This has been reported to both Scottish Water (SW) and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). SW are attending as a matter of extreme urgency but the repair will involve Scottish Power because the burst is adjacent to an electricity pole.

Congratulations to the Solway Yacht Club in Kippford -- they won the Royal Yachting Association Club of the Year.  They were recognised for their commitment to developing their cadet programme, their innovative engagement with the local school, their growing membership and active approach to skilling their committee.

We have now secured funding to proceed with the project. Total funding stands at £89,000 to date.

Wetland Areas

21 Dec 2018

The mounding for the trees has been completed this week. The mounds will have a couple of months to settle before we start tree planting in March.