Forestry and Land Scotland’s South Region team is advising members of the public that work will soon be underway to prepare for tree felling in Mark Hill Forest, Kippford.

Preparatory work – to make the forest road ready and to clear roadside ditches – will begin week commencing January 27th and felling will commence from mid-February. 

Scottish Water are currently undertaking a consultation with the village on the upgrade of the Waste Water Treatment Works in the Village.  The proposed works would be in 2021/22.

There is a need for a temporary solution to water treatment and SW have therefore submitted a planning application to Dumfries & Galloway Council.

For those of you who have not been following progress on the nature reserve, we thought a resume of the year’s work might be of interest:

Below are some Questions and Answers recently received from Scottish Water in Relation to the proposed new waste treatment plant in Kippford.  

Scottish Water have asked us to note that : "we are still in the very early stages of design so we do not have all of the answers just yet."

Val Bradbury attended an information event in Dalbeattie on 11th November 2019, hosted by D&G Council on their plans for new waste collection and recylcing.  Below is a summary of information obtained at the event:

Below are the draft minutes from the Kippford Association AGM held on November 25 2019

Fun Wine Tasting

14 Nov 2019

Once again we are delighted to present the Kippford Fun Wine Tasting evening in the Village Hall.

In association with the D&G Metal Detectorists Group we are delighted to open the Kippford Community Nature Reserve for a special one day event.

Scottish Water is working to upgrade the wastewater treatment infrastructure in Kippford to help improve the bathing water in the Urr Estuary.

The Kippford Association AGM will be held on Monday 25 November 2019 at 7pm in the Village Hall

The first trees arrived on Tuesday. These are the larger, pot-grown specimens, 42 in total. We made a good start on Wednesday and Thursday, and have only 15 more to plant tomorrow (Friday). Many thanks to the volunteers who were able to come along this week.

We are making good progress preparing the planting sites ready for the arrival of the trees, but there is still lots to do.

The completion of the paths has made it much easier to visualise suitable planting areas for the ornamental birch trees. In fact, if you have walked the paths over the past week or so, you will have seen tree stakes “sprouting up” across the landscape as we work out what goes where.

Join us on Friday 27th September in Kippford Village Hall for Tea, Coffee, and Cake. Entry £5, with the full amount going to the Macmillan Cancer Charity.

Tickets available from Colvend Shop; Gowans of Dalbeatie; emailing

Antiques Valuation

02 Sep 2019

Friday 4th October 2019.  1-4pm in Kippford Village Hall

£5.00 per item (max two items).  Professionally valued by Thomson Roddick Valuers, Dumfries

For those of you who have yet to check out what we’ve been doing in the bottom field of the nature reserve, here’s a bird’s eye view.

The 17th August 2019 saw our popular annual Fun Dog Show in the Village.  We were delighted to welcome dogs from the village, and visitors and their four-legged friends from around the region, and beyond.

Thanks to everyone who came along and made it a huge success.  We raised £912 for the Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre.

It’s been a 5 month wait, but finally the Forestry Commission has approved our native woodland planting and confirmed that the grant payment will be in our bank account by the end of this month. By doing the planting ourselves we have minimised the costs and will have a few hundred pounds surplus to add to the community funds. Many thanks to everyone who volunteered.