Whilst it has been a strange and challenging year for us all, nature, and in our case the Kippford Community Nature Reserve, has come through relatively unscathed.

Walking round the reserve the other day I was struck by the silence. The songbirds that have filled the reserve with song for the past four months have fallen silent as they enter their summer recess. They will start up again in the autumn as they seek to establish territories ahead of the next breeding season.

What a year this had been! (no, I’m not talking about the lockdown).

After a very wet winter we are experiencing the driest spring ever recorded (records go back to 1886). Lovely though the sunshine has been, these are not ideal conditions to establish new trees.

The native woodlands, now in their second year, have developed extensive root systems, helping them to cope with the drought. Thanks to the team of volunteers, all the trees were weeded in April and, as I write, the trees are putting on new growth.

Scottish Water are planning to upgrade the Water Treatment Works in Kippford in 2022 and a consultation process has started.  In addition they plan to install temporary treatment works to tackle the rise in population over the summer.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, this process has been delayed.  The latest we have from Scottish Water is:

On Friday, the Scottish Government launched a consultation with key organisations around this year’s bathing season due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Depending on the outcome of this consultation, the need to install the temporary equipment this year may change.

In regards to the permanent works, I do not yet have an update on this as much of the capital investment programme has been paused across Scotland.

As we learn more we will update you


The lengthening days and warming sunshine are bringing a burst of life to the nature reserve.

The alder, with its vibrant blue buds, and the impatient wild cherry are leading the way in the native woodlands.

Update: January 2021 -- we continue to be available to support or local community through these challenging times.

The threat of the virus plays heavily on our minds at the moment.  The situation around the world is developing quickly and I am sure we are all attempting to follow guidance as best we can.

As a small Village, we have a number of challenges facing the community.  However, we also have a fantastic community spirit.  With this in mind, we want to assure you that you are not alone.

One year ago today we officially started tree planting in the Kippford Community Nature Reserve. Since then we've planted 4,600+ trees; created three water scrapes, and a pond; laid our first paths in a 6 acres section; installed 8 benches.

This week we erected the “Kippford Community Nature Reserve” sign at the lower entrance. The sign is made from heavy duty oak and should, we hope, last many years. We are also erecting a small A3 sign acknowledging all those who contributed to the purchase of the land as well as the sponsors who helped fund the work we have been doing over the past year or so.

Following a consultation with representatives of Kippford, Scottish Water have decided to withdraw their initial planning application for temporary water treatment works on the existing site.  They will return with a revised plan in the future.


Minutes of Meeting

Subject:           Scottish Water Waste Treatment Plant – Consultation

Forestry and Land Scotland’s South Region team is advising members of the public that work will soon be underway to prepare for tree felling in Mark Hill Forest, Kippford.

Preparatory work – to make the forest road ready and to clear roadside ditches – will begin week commencing January 27th and felling will commence from mid-February. 

Scottish Water are currently undertaking a consultation with the village on the upgrade of the Waste Water Treatment Works in the Village.  The proposed works would be in 2021/22.

There is a need for a temporary solution to water treatment and SW have therefore submitted a planning application to Dumfries & Galloway Council.

For those of you who have not been following progress on the nature reserve, we thought a resume of the year’s work might be of interest:

Below are some Questions and Answers recently received from Scottish Water in Relation to the proposed new waste treatment plant in Kippford.  

Scottish Water have asked us to note that : "we are still in the very early stages of design so we do not have all of the answers just yet."

Val Bradbury attended an information event in Dalbeattie on 11th November 2019, hosted by D&G Council on their plans for new waste collection and recylcing.  Below is a summary of information obtained at the event:

Below are the draft minutes from the Kippford Association AGM held on November 25 2019

Fun Wine Tasting

14 Nov 2019

Once again we are delighted to present the Kippford Fun Wine Tasting evening in the Village Hall.

In association with the D&G Metal Detectorists Group we are delighted to open the Kippford Community Nature Reserve for a special one day event.