April 2021 Update: Birds and Blossom, Berries and Cherries!

On Wednesday evening (the 21st) the first swallow of 2021 was spotted in the arboretum. On the same day, the last skeins of geese were seen heading off towards their northern breeding grounds. This must surely be the moment in time when winter transitions to summer!

The native trees are doing very well and we are delighted to report the first sighting of blossom on a wild Cherry and a spray of flower buds on a Rowan - a year earlier than expected! Both trees are in the plantation above Kipp House. This is the start of what will become an annual feast of nectar, pollen, berries and cherries our trees will make available to the local wildlife.

Earlier in the month a team of volunteers was out weeding the trees, checking tubes and ties and transplanting snowdrops along the woodland edge. Everyone was issued with their official high-vis volunteer’s vest, so you will certainly see us coming!

Several walkers have commented on the lovely display of daffodils in the arboretum. These were a kind donation to the nature reserve and were planted by Sam. Many thanks to both.

The roe deer have certainly taken a liking to the nature reserve and can be seen most days. As many as nine have been spotted at first light. The does, in particular, are feeding hard as they are now carrying young. This makes them much easier to approach. Dog walkers please take care to ensure your dog is under control.

The birch trees in the arboretum are finally bursting into leaf. The frosty nights have slowed the process, but expect to see an explosion of foliage as the nights get warmer.
The nature reserve is thriving!

April 2021