Attendance: David Jamieson (Chair), Alan Dingle (Vice Chair), Wendy Warne (Secretary), Martin Barrett, Joanne Harris, Robert Kennedy, Kate Rosindale, Martin Rosindale, 

Apologies:      Val Bradbury, Richard Copson, Mike Riding, Ian Blake (Councillor), Davie Stitt (Councillor)

Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting (22nd August 2019)

The minutes were accepted as a correct record.

Matters Arising

Hall Kitchen: David Jamieson (DJ) indicated that Bill Ford a previous hall manager had offered to assist with the plans for the proposed kitchen extension.

Memorial Benches & Trees: DJ reported that a number of requests for information packs had been received.

Hedge by car park: The hedge would be trimmed in the next few weeks.

Newsletter: Martin Rosindale (MR) requested articles for the newsletter which would be published shortly.

Nuisance from Seagulls: DJ indicated he would put something about this problem on the website and it would also feature in the newsletter. MR stated that further problems had been reported to him.

Drainage on the Main Road: It was noted that this matter had been raised by Davie Stitt with the relevant department at the council.

Antiques Valuation: Val Bradbury had requested some assistance with setting up the hall on 4th October. DJ volunteered.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report as at 31st August 2019 had been previously circulated by Richard Copson (RC)

One further donation has been received since the last meeting.  YTD 45 donations received totalling £1,870, averaging £42. Last year 40 donations had been received totalling £1,795, averaging £45.

Other income: Rent: Nil, Hall Hire: £155 for two private functions, Car Park Donations: £457, YTD £2,431, (2018 YTD £2,015), Gift Aid on this years donations will add a further £608 giving a total annual income from car park donations of £3,038 Electric Meter: Nil, Nature Reserve, A grant of £14,081 has been received from the Forestry Commission for the planting of woodland trees. This has covered the full cost of the trees and planting and left a small surplus of £440. (Since the year end we have also received a grant of £10,000 for the arboretum from the Land Fill Fund, SWEAT)

Outgoings: Nature Reserve: An interim payment of £15,000 has been made to Colin Dempster for the work on the paths gates and pond. £840 has been paid for the refurbishing and repositioning of the old kissing gate between Midpark (the arboretum field) and Barn Croft (the top gate field).

£362 was paid for the new PA system

Balance:  At 31st August 2019 £41,064, including £13,788 balance of the Nature Reserve grants and donations.

Hall Manager’s Report

The Hall Manager’s report was circulated by DJ.

It was noted that the chest pads on the defibrillator outside the village hall had been replaced in line with their expiry date. The battery is fully operational.

The NHS has created a new national database of defibrillators, and the village hall one is registered. This allows the emergency services to locate nearby devices when needed. This new service replaces the previous list.

A discussion took place about First Responders endorsing how beneficial this service is.

It was also agreed to raise the issue of donations to specific charities at the AGM.

The Village Dinner has been confirmed as 26th October 2019 in the village hall. Tickets are available from DJ.

Hall bookings: New bookings: 15th September Private Event, 27th September MacMillan Coffee Morning, 2nd September  2020,Private Event

Up and coming Hall Events: 21st September Private Function, 27th September MacMillan coffee Morning, 28th September Private Function, 4th October, Antiques Valuation, 24th October, RNLI coffee Morning, 26th October Village Dinner.

Update from the Nature Reserve

Alan Dingle (AD) circulated an update for the Nature Reserve.

Dempster’s have completed the main path work and the pond. The dropped kerb has also been installed and is encouraging pedestrians to approach from the village car park. Some further tidying up is still to be carried out by the contractor.

The perch benches have been installed around the footpaths. Fencing has also been completed leading to the board walk. All this work has been undertaken by Alan smith Fencing.

Ornamental birch trees have been ordered for the arboretum, from the National Collection Nurseries in Devon. Volunteers are required in early October for preparation and in November for planting. Volunteers are also required in November to plant a wildlife corridor with trees supplied by the Woodland Trust. Further information and dates will be in the newsletter.

The refurbished kissing gate has been installed in the new access point in the dyke from Barn Croft into Mid Park.

Signs are at the development stage with Signs of Scotland in Campbeltown. There will be two separate signs funded by IPA. The first is a wooden sign for the Nature Reserve at the access gate, where eventually the small car park will be sited. The second smaller sign will be in the arboretum acknowledging the donors, Friends and residents of Kippford and also the corporate donors who we are obliged to recognise on this sign.

The Tawny Owl box is now in position and waiting for a suitable lodger. Eight refurbished bird boxes are to be placed around the reserve these will be numbered and mapped.

Robbie Johnson is to create a small fenced area around the pair of bee hives. Robbie is supplying all the materials. The hives are due to arrive in the Spring.

It is also hoped that we will have some animal carvings, similar to the ones on the caravan park.

Fund Raising/Events

The next event is the Antiques Valuation on 4th October.

The Village Dinner will take place on 26th October 2019

A wine tasting event will take place on 22nd November.

 Any Other Business

AGM: The AGM will take place on Monday 25th November at 7pm in the Village Hall. The necessary paperwork will be circulated with the newsletter.

Constitution: Martin Barrett (MB) enquired if this matter was to be raised at the AGM. It was confirmed that it would be along with a proposal to change to a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), a paper summarising why this would be beneficial would be prepared.

Bottom Field: MB asked if the bottom field of the nature reserve would be available for sheep to graze this year. It was confirmed that it would not be available.

Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue Centre: AD reported that a letter of thanks for the donation had been received from the Rescue Centre.

D&G Council: It was noted that a letter had been received regarding an open day on 8th October and asking if the association would like to have a stand for the Nature Reserve. AD to forward further information to the committee members. DJ agreed to man the stand on the day.


Meeting closed at 9.15pm.  The next meeting was arranged for 17th October at 8pm in the Village Hall.