Attendance: David Jamieson (Chair), Alan Dingle (Vice Chair), Richard Copson (Treasurer) Wendy Warne (Secretary), Val Bradbury, Joanne Harris, Robert Kennedy, Mike Riding, Kate Rosindale, Martin Rosindale, Ian Blake (Councillor), Davie Stitt (Councillor)

Apologies: Martin Barrett

Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting (19th September 2019).  The minutes were accepted as a correct record.

Matters Arising

Hall Kitchen: David Jamieson (DJ) reiterated that he had emailed the previous architect on a number of occasions and had not received a response. Plans from Bill Ford were awaited.

Antique Valuation: Val Bradbury (VB) reported that £108 had been raised. Some really good items had been brought for valuation. Unfortunately the event was not very well attended. VB had forwarded a letter of thanks to Thomson Roddick.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report as at 30th September 2019 had been previously circulated by Richard Copson (RC)

Donations: An appeal for donations will go out with the AGM notice. Two donations have been received however, total £60.

Other income: Rent: Nil, Hall Hire: £60 for one private function, Car Park Donations: nothing banked in the month of September, but £260 banked in early October, Electric Meter: Nil, Nature Reserve: as mentioned last month a grant of £10,000 was received from the Land Fill Fund,( SWEAT) in early September. We have now received £49,800 in grants with Scottish National Heritage grant of approximately £36,000 outstanding. Dog Show: the show raised £912 for D&G Canine Rescue Centre and a net £173 from food and drink takings for the Association.  Kippford Artists: The committee extended thanks to the Kippford Artists for the donation of £200 which had been received following the exhibition.

Outgoings: Nature Reserve: £6,159 has been spent on arboretum trees for delivery next month.

Balance:  At 30th September 2019 £45,540, including £17,628 balance of the Nature Reserve grants and donations.

Hall Manager’s Report

The Hall Manager’s report was circulated by DJ.

The charity McMillan Coffee afternoon held in the Village Hall raised £130. Thanks were extended to everyone who baked, setup, served and also all those who came along to support the event.

Two residents in the village have started a drop in afternoon initiative, for village residents, every Friday between 2.30 and 4.30pm in the Village Hall. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided. The inaugural event of “Chatter Cups” took place on Friday 11th October.

Maintenance:  The fire extinguishers have received their annual inspection and service.

Hall bookings: New bookings: 7th March 2020, an Audience with Pamela McIellan, 28th March 2020, Private Event, 3rd October 2020, Private Event

Up and coming Hall Events: 24th October, RNLI Coffee Morning, 26th October Village Dinner, 2nd November, Tim Kliphuis Musical Evening, 22nd November, Wine Tasting, 25th November AGM

Update from the Nature Reserve

Alan Dingle (AD) circulated an update for the Nature Reserve.

It was noted that The Galloway News had published a report in the 26th September edition of the paper, reporting that the footpath network in Mid Park was open to visitors. There was a full page article with photographs, recognition was given to the local organisations who had given services or goods free of charge to the project.

All trees for the arboretum are now on order, and are expected in November. A small team of volunteers are preparing the area for the trees.

B.S.W. (Dalbettie Saw Mill), have donated a further two loads of chipped bark. This is required to create mulch matting, over the membrane being arranged around the specimen trees.

Volunteers are required to assist in preparing the ground in the remainder of October (not weekends), and to help with planting in November.

A survey of the footpaths has been completed to evaluate various drainage issues and footpath erosion caused by the recent heavy rainfall. Remedial work will be required to divert run of water away from the footpaths.

Discussions have also taken place with contractors to utilise the large boulders on site to create a meeting or assembly area for groups to use. This will be located near the entrance.

A discussion took place regarding having maps of the footpath network. Mike Riding (MR) indicated that a map had been considered and was something that could be done once the arboretum had been completed. It was noted that all core paths could be found on the Dumgal website.

VB reported that the seeds for planting around the ponds had now been received. MR pointed out that Dempsters still had more work to do before the planting could take place.

DJ advised the committee that very positive feedback had been received via social media regarding the Nature Reserve.  A sample would be available for the AGM.

Fund Raising/Events

The Village Dinner will take place on 26th October 2019

A wine tasting event will take place on 22nd November 2019.  AD to organise, tickets to be priced at £10. DJ to apply for alcohol licence.

AGM/Financial Report 2018/19

The draft papers and the financial report for the AGM to be held on 25th November 2019 were circulated. RC gave details of the financial position. After some minor amendments the papers were approved. Martin Rosindale (MR1) agreed to arrange for them to be printed and circulated with the newsletter. DJ to forward the papers to MR1.

Robert Kennedy (RK) agreed to help with the circulation of the newsletter in the Riverview area.

It was agreed to co-opt Sam Sample to the vacant position on the committee.

Grass Verges

RC raised this issue, he pointed out that the golf club and the caravan park keep the grass verges tidy at the top of the road into the village. He felt that some work should be done lower down the road. Ian Blake suggested that it might be possible to get work done when the council workmen were next around the local area.

Civic Pride and Volunteering

DJ indicated that he had attended a meeting in relation to civic pride and looking after villages. The council are asking for help to look after local areas. They will provide help and support and loans of equipment if required. DJ confirmed that he had a contact at the council.

Any Other Business

Waste and Recycling: Davie Stitt informed the meeting that a drop in event would take place at Dalbettie Town Hall on 11th November between 3-7.30 pm regarding waste and recycling collections.

Colvend Community Council Meeting: DJ indicated that he had attended a recent meeting of the Colvend Community Council, as a member of the public. A new three year extension to the E-ON Wind farm Community Benefit fund is available. Applications for funds from 1-15k can be applied for before the 12th December. All applications require three quotes. A discussion took place about possible projects that required funding, these included tree felling on the Nature Reserve, repair work to the well on the Nature Reserve, core paths requiring clearing. MR/VB agreed to obtain quotes for tree felling.

Scottish Water: DJ advised that he had been contacted by Scottish Water regarding a project to improve the quality of the bathing water in the Urr Estuary. They had indicated that the present treatment works was unable to cope with the fivefold increase in population in Kippford in the summer months. To help improve the quality and to protect the environment, they are in the process of planning a new multi million pound scheme. The project will involve the construction of a new wastewater treatment works to the north of Merse Way which will be screened by trees, a new outfall pipe into the estuary and a new sewer through the village.

To help develop these plans, site investigation works will take place at various locations across the village. There are currently no plans to close any roads. DJ is to meet next week with a representative form Scottish Water, and a Public Open Day is being planned for November.

Refuse Lorries: Some concerns had been expressed regarding the refuse lorries going up Quarry road very early in the morning. DS to obtain a time schedule.

Speed Limit: RC requested an update on the speed limit issue, particularly bearing in mind Scottish Waters reference to the fivefold increase in population in Kippford during the summer months. DJ advised that he was preparing a document to be forwarded to the council which had the support of local businesses.

Calendar for Threave; MR1 indicated that he had been involved in producing the 2020 calendar. The 2021 calendar will be for the whole of the Stewartry for National Trust Properties. The calendar will be finalised by May 2020.

Kippford Calendar: Submissions for the Kippford Calendar should be forwarded to David Jamieson by the end of October.  

Meeting closed at 10pm

Date and time of next meeting AGM Monday 25th November 7pm

Kippford Association Committee meeting to follow the AGM