A Committee Meeting which had been scheduled to take place on 17 September 2018 had been cancelled due to the Secretary having received a large number of apologies for absence. Prior to its cancellation, a resident had declined the Committee’s invitation to attend to discuss the concerns which they had raised by email.

Attendance:   D McCall(Chair), M Barrett, R Copson,  A Dingle, K Gibson, M Riding, D Waddell

Apologies for absence: J Harris, R Kennedy, D Jamieson, V Bradbury, F Williamson, I Blake, D Stitt

Minutes of previous meeting held on 20 August 2018 were approved and signed.

Matters arising

The chairman has previously reported the poor condition of the seawall to the Council via the official website. There has been no reply to date and no evidence that any repair work has been undertaken.

Treasurer’s Report/ Accounts for 2018

The Treasurer tabled the accounts and discussed the salient points.

Total Receipts in the Financial Year ended 31 August 2018 were £27,169.38 including Donations received amounting to £20,477.14.

Total Payments for this period amounted to £63,697.45 the most significant single payment was £53,155.72 for the purchase of The Kipp. The replacement lighting within the Hall incurred a cost £6,109.74.

The Association retains a healthy balance.

The Accounts for the year ending 31 August 2018 will be available to Members of the Association ahead of the Annual General Meeting.

The Treasurer also reported that there had been an attempt, via an electronic demand for payment, to ‘scam’ The Association of a sizeable sum. The attempt was detected in good time and no moneys were paid out. The matter has been reported to Police Scotland.

Hall manager’s Report

Hall Refurbishment : The electrical work in the hall has been completed. The Main Hall has new lighting. The toilet lights have been replaced with auto sensor lights as the previous lights were very frequently left ‘on’.

Replacement glazing panels have been installed for five panels in the foyer.

The glazer pointed out before starting the work that two of the window frames have dropped slightly. These have been sealed as a temporary measure.

The painting in the hall is well underway. The main hall is almost complete. The dado rail remains unpainted.

Feedback for the lighting and painting has been very positive.

(In the discussion which followed, it was explained that the dado rail will NOT be painted as it has previously been varnished and this would cause any overpainting to chip and flake very readily).

Website (www.kippfordvillage.org)

Update on the Woodland Grant has been added to The Kipp section.121 subscribers on the email list. Our Facebook page has 575 followers; 105 on Twitter and 198 on Instagram.

Hall Bookings : New Booking  on 10/11 May 2019 – Private Function

Up and coming Hall events : 

25 October       - RNLI Coffee Morning                                   
10 November   - Wine Tasting Evening
26 November   - Annual General Meeting of The Kippford Association.
7 December   - Christmas Concert (provisional)

The Kippford Community Nature Reserve

We have been successful under the “Forestry Grant Scheme” for £15,000 we received notification on the 6th September 2018. This will enable the planting of 4,600 native trees; the grant is inclusive of the purchase of trees, stakes and tubes. The grant also includes £3,000 for ongoing maintenance (£750 per annum) starting year two for the following 4 years. In total the grant is for £18,000.

Last week we were awarded a grant of £10,000 from South West Environment Action Trust, the funds will be paid to the Association in December 2018.

A grant of £9,000 has been awarded by Dumfries and Galloway Council from the Discretionary Fund this will be in our account in December 2018.

We understand that our grant application of £41,758 under “Improving Public Access” has past the first hurdle and is to be further considered by an adjudication panel in mid December.

We have met several contractors who are willing to quote for the building of the car park, we are receiving quotations.

We are also meeting with dykers who have walked the boundary to assess the work required. Because of the extent of the work we have broken the areas into eight zones. This will enable us to prioritise or possibly divide work required and match to our available budget. The Forestry Commission have agreed cost-sharing on the extensive march dyke.

There will more tree work required in due course to make the roadside trees safe, this is around the car park entrance and also at the top gate.

LEADER match funding mechanism (subject to funds being still being available as this is European funding ; it is the last tranche under this mechanism) .This will not apply to Forestry or IPA as these include an element of European sourced funding.

Grants approved to date.                                                   Grants under consideration.

*SWEAT grant                £10,000                                        IPA   £44,000  decision in Dec
*Eon grant                     £  8,000                                            .
*D&G grant                   £  9,000
*Own funds                   £  5,000
Forrestry Grant              £18,000    

* denotes possible consideration for match funding by LEADER i.e.  £32,000 x2 = £64,000

            If all applications are approved, grants totalling £126,000 are possible        



The Christmas Concert previously planned for 14 December has had to be cancelled due to a clash of commitments. It may be possible to rearrange this to be held on Friday 7 December 2018.

The Chairman has made repeated attempts to contact Scottish Power regarding the earlier works which had resulted in damage to a fence at The Kipp and the poor state of repair of the road side verge. He had achieved no progress. The Chairman now intends s to visit Scottish Power Headquarters in Glasgow.

Date of the 2018 AGM confirmed for Monday 26 November 2018

Wine Tasting evening confirmed for 10 November. Members are encouraged to attend this convivial evening event.

The condition of the road drains especially at the top of the hill is a cause for concern. In the absence of Councillors this matter will be raised at the next Committee meeting.

Neighbourhood Watch : as no volunteers had come forward, D McCall will take on the responsibilities previously carried out by J Withers.  The Committee thanks J Withers for his past service in the role of Kippford Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.

Poppy Scotland : The Association has failed to identify a volunteer to take on the work which Eileen Steel  has delivered on behalf of Poppy Scotland for very many years. D McCall has agreed to link with the Dalbeattie Representative to make Poppy Scotland collection points available in the village.

Date of next Committee meeting: Monday 19 November 2018 at 7 pm