Attendance: David McCall (Chair), David Jamieson (Hall Manager), Douglas Waddell (Treasurer), Val Bradbury, Martin Barrett, Richard Copson, Joanne Harris, Mike Riding, Davie Stitt (Councillor)

Apologies:   Alan Dingle (Dep. Chair), Robert Kennedy, Frank Williamson, Ian Blake (Councillor)

Attendance and Apologies:      As noted above

Minutes of previous meeting.   Minutes accepted as a true representation of the meeting

Matters arising

David M organised collections on behalf of Poppy Scotland.  Many thanks to all who donated, including at the Mariner, The Anchor, The Ark, Colvend shop, and the Clonyard.  £88.25 was raised.  This was added to the overall Dalbeattie total of £3,600

The road drains appear blocked around Merse Way and at the top of Kippford near the caravan park.  Davie Stitt will again raise this with the Council

Various pot holes have recently been repaired.

Treasurer’s report

Donations: Since the start of the new year (1st Sept), we have received 2 donations worth £160.

Hall Hire: The Dinwiddie’s paid £850 for their wedding last year.

Events: The Wine Tasting was great fun despite being attended by only 25 people. A net £86 was raised after paying the presenters for the wine, oatcakes, cheese and bread.

Car Park Contributions: £456 banked so far this year.

Hall Improvements / Outgoings:  Repairs to the windows in the entrance hall cost £250 and other issues were noted. The hall repainting cost £4,371. Hedge cutting by the car park cost £156. The usual cleaning and electricity payments were made.

The Kipp: We received a £9,000 grant from Dumfries & Galloway Council. We paid out £1,099 for clearing the area above the top gate and improving drainage

Other Income: Just over £5 of interest received.

Outgoings: Nothing apart from the usual electricity and cleaning charges.

Cash Book Balance:As at today, general funds were approximately £24,030 and there was also approx. £13,026 earmarked for The Kipp.

Hall Manager’s Report

Awaiting a cost for the Christmas tree.  Date of delivery to be confirmed.

Hall Refurb: Various quotes and samples have been sought for new curtains for the hall, both online and in stores in Glasgow, Carlisle and Dumfries.  We have also extensively investigated using the donated curtains.  It is generally agreed that we will move forward with new curtains as the donated ones present too many challenges around make, cost, and some damaged panels.  David M to write to thank our donator for their thoughtfulness in offering curtains.

Website ( We have been in talks with the UK Hydrographic Office about using tidal times on our website.  They have agreed to grant us a free license to use the data next year.  We will be launching a new mailing list to automatically email committee minutes to Kippford residents and owners

122 subscribers on the email list.  Our Facebook page has 585 followers; 106 on Twitter; 198 on Instagram.

Hall Bookings

New bookings:

26 January – RNLI Soup and Sandwich
16/17 July – Private function

Up and coming Hall events

26 November – AGM
7 December – Carol Concert

Update form the Kipp Group

We have received £10k from SWEAT and £8k from the EON Robin Rigg fund.

We had applied to the LEADer fund for £32k however they have run out of funds.  Richard is looking for alternatives.  We still have an application going through with IPA for £44k.

We have received various quotes for the construction of a car parking area.  Varying from £20k to £30k.   Dyke repairs around £12-15k.  Arboretum around £14k

Mike has placed an order for the native woodland trees.  These are expected February/March.  We need to do the mounding work on the land in preparation by the end of the year.  We have £14k worth of trees from the Forestry Commission plus four years of £1,000 for maintenance of the trees.

Storm damage trees on the land are currently being dealt with.

Val to speak to Threave to seek assistance with tree planting.  We will also ask local schools and the villagers to assist.

Regarding the damaged fencing – after repeated failed attempts to engage with Scottish Power (who damaged the fence), David M drove to Glasgow to move things forward with SP.  He was passed on to SP Energy Network.   A local manager spoke with David and they met.  SPEN accepted they would repair fence and install new stakes.

Seawall Update

David M contacted resident Jack Nicholson to confirm we have spoken with the council, but they have no funds to undertake repairs.  The KA can’t be responsible for council-maintained property.

D&G Council Resilience Team

David J mentioned that the D&G Resilience Team details needed updated with contacts in the village.  Current he is on the list, but we should have one more.  This list is used by D&G Council in the event of a disaster in the village – the hall to be used as a central hub for the village.  It was agreed that David M would be added to the list.

The council are also seeking thoughts on our ability to store sand bags to assist with flooding in the village.  We need to understand the quantity involved.  David J will follow up.  Can they deliver in advance of a flood warning, and remove later?

Christmas Carol Concert

The Carol Concert is on the 7 December in the Village Hall.  It was agreed that there would be no admission fee.   Mulled wine and mince pies would be provided at the interval. David J to arrange.

AGM Preparation

Frank Williamson is stepping down from the committee due to ongoing work commitments.    Val will seek nomination, as she was previous co-opted onto the committee.  Dougie Waddell is stepping down as Treasurer and committee member after 8 year.  The committee extend its thanks for all his work.

David J confirmed there had been no nominations received via email.  David M confirmed that he and his wife had hand delivered 230 AGM notices to all households in the village.  Emails had also been sent to all on the list.


It was proposed that an area of The Kipp be named to mark the Centenary of the death of Lieutenant Archibald Douglas Chalmers who died in Selonika on 9 December 1918. The Chalmers family donated the Village Hall land and Car Park to the Villagers of Kippford in memory of their son.  The land of The Kipp was also once owned by the Chalmers so it is a fitting tribute.


Meeting closed 8:25pm.     Next meeting: 26 November 2018 (AGM)