Attendance: David Jamieson (Chair), Alan Dingle (Vice Chair), Richard Copson (Treasurer), Wendy Warne (Secretary), Martin Barrett, Val Bradbury, Kevin Gibson, Joanne Harris, Robert Kennedy, Mike Riding, Kate Rosindale, Martin Rosindale. Davie Stitt (Councillor)

Apologies: Ian Blake (Councillor)

Attendance and Apologies:      As noted above

Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting (21st February 2019)

The minutes were accepted as a correct record.

Matters Arising                

Antique Valuation Val Bradbury (VB) reported that the Antique Valuation day had been arranged for Friday 4th October between 1pm to 4pm.

Hall Kitchen VB, David Jamison (DJ) and Kevin Gibson (KG) had met with an architect, regarding the proposal to extend the Hall Kitchen. The architect will provide an estimate of costs in the first instance and some initial ideas.  A discussion took place regarding a new facility having to meet current legislation. It was also noted that there may be an opportunity to provide additional car parking places.  DJ stated that this proposal would require further discussion within the village before being taken further. It was noted that if the proposal did go ahead KG would like to be given the opportunity to quote for the job. Joanne Harris (JH) indicated that she was aware that it was being proposed that Public Toilets in some locations be closed, if this was the case it might be worth while including the toilets in any future project. Davie Stitt (DS) confirmed that a report should be available in September regarding Public Toilets.

Dyke KG reported that he had met with Robert Lowther, from the council regarding the hole in the dyke. The suggestion to open up the dyke and put a pathway on the shore had been considered favourably. KG was waiting to hear back from Robert Lowther, the committee would then need to make a decision as to whether to go ahead with this project.

Scottish Water DJ advised that he had received no further update from Scottish Water but it was noted that the pipes had now been disconnected. Martin Rosindale (MR) felt that something could be included in the next Newsletter if    DJ could provide necessary information

Treasurer’s Report

Richard Copson (RC)  presented the treasurer’s report which had been previously circulated.

 No donations had been received since the last meeting. This year to date

 24 donations have been received totalling £1105, averaging £46. Last year 33 donations had been received totalling £1385, averaging £42. As yet no appeal for donations had been sent out, but RC indicated that he had forwarded an item for inclusion in the  next  newsletter and on the website.

Other income:

Rent £250 for horse rent, £272 car park donations, YTD £914 ( 2018 YTD £727)  £69 electric meter YTD £399

Grant from the Lottery £8600 for the Nature Reserve. Total grants offered

now total £96720


Nature Reserve: £11432 for the woodland trees. This will be recovered from the grant offered by the Forestry Commission.

Other normal small monthly payments.

Balance: £40,557, including £15,269 allocated to The Kipp​

Bank Mandate

RC reported that 5 old signatories for people no longer on the committee needed to be removed. It was resolved that the authorised signatories in the current RBS mandate, for the accounts detailed in section 1.3 (of the RBS ‘Business Banking single Mandate’), be changed in accordance with section Authorised Signatories. And the Current mandate will continue as amended.

Hall Manager’s Report

DJ circulated the Hall Manager’s Report. The club who had felt the pool table was too small, have now decided they would like it for their snooker club. They will arrange transportation.

The Parkinsons’ Group raised £1,350 for the charity at the fund raising event on 15th March.

It was noted that there was further water ingress on the wall where the foyer joins the main hall. KG agreed to get someone to look at this.

The new curtains have now been fitted with positive feedback.

The website has had a refresh and general up date, it now has three distinct areas, focusing on Visitors to the village; the Association; The Nature Reserve. The news section can also be filtered to your area of interest. ( The aim is for the site to grow with more history of Kippford and the flora and fauna of the village. All submissions are welcome. DJ was thanked for all his hard work in developing the website.

Hall bookings

New Booking:  25th April, Jubilee Path AGM, 26th July-3rd August Kippford Painters’ Exhibition, 17th August Kippford Dog Show,  4th October Antiques Valuation

Up and coming Hall Events:  25th April Jubilee Path AGM, 10th May Village Dinner, 11/12 May Private function, 31 May/2 June Wedding

MR requested more information on the village dinner for the Newsletter, DJ also agreed to put a poster on the notice board regarding this event.

Update from the Kipp Group

Mike Riding informed the meeting that 4,600 trees had been planted over the last 4 weeks. It had been a huge effort and DJ thanked Mike for all his hard work. Wendy Warne(WW)  read out a letter received from Kate Howatson. Kate wished to convey a huge thank you to the intrepid team of tree planters, for the amazing work over the last few weeks, and particularly to Mike for his leadership, guidance and expertise. His coordination of the project and his patience were superb. The committee agreed with these sentiments.

The next phase of the project will be foot paths and parking area, along with a woodland area for Colvend School.

MR will now submit a claim to the forestry commission for the trees.

Kate Rosindale (KR) reported that she had recently visited Eskrigg Nature Reserve in Lockerbie. She suggested that it might be worth a visit by members of the Kipp group .

VB reported that she was still awaiting information regarding the wildflowers

Fund Raising / Events

Dog show 17th August, Alan dingle (AD) to prepare an article for the newsletter.

Easter egg hunt it was agreed to try and organise this event next year.


There were no further items of committee business.


Meeting closed: 9:15pm     Next meeting:  18th April 2019, 8pm in the Village Hall