Attendance: Alan Dingle (Vice Chair), Wendy Warne (Secretary), Kevin Gibson, Martin Barrett, Mike Riding, Martin Rosindale.

Apologies:      Ian Blake (Councillor), Val Bradbury, Richard Copson, Joanne Harris, David Jamieson, Robert Kennedy, Kate Rosindale, Davie Stitt (Councillor)

Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting

The minutes were accepted as a correct record, with the following amendment, In Attendance Kevin Gibson.

Matters Arising

Roof leak: Kevin Gibson (KG) to ask a builder to have a look at the roof.

Hall Kitchen: David Jamieson (DJ) to update at the next meeting.

Speed Limit: It was noted that (DJ) had spoken to all interested parties, who supported the application. A response had been received from the roads department saying the application was still being considered.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report as at 6th June 2019 had been previously circulated by Richard Copson (RC)

Seven further donations have been received since the last meeting.  YTD 43 donations have been received totalling £1,805, averaging £42. Last year 37 donations had been received totalling £1,545, averaging £42. A final request will be made in the next news letter

The Gift Aid claim for 2018/19 has now been submitted, together with a claim for Gift Aid on car park donations.

Other income: Rent None,  Events, None, £285 car park donations, YTD £1,447, £59 electric meter YTD £535

Outgoings: Nature Reserve: None, Other normal small monthly payments.  

Balance:  At 31st May £39,307, including £15,181 balance of the Nature Reserve grants and donations.

Hall Manager’s Report

 The Hall Manager’s report had been previously circulated by David Jamieson.

It was noted that the wedding reception held in the hall at the end of May had been a great success. The family had donated an excess of soft drinks for use at a future village event.

The royal Bank of Scotland sought permission to continue to use the Village Hall car park for mobile banking services on a Wednesday from 9.55 to 10.25. This had been granted.

The second hand curtains donated to the Village Hall, which had not been used are going to be donated to Colvend church for their annual charity sale.

Two recent updates were added to the website  in relation to the Arboretum plan for the Kippford Nature Reserve and the appointment of a contractor for the footpaths on the Reserve. Anyone wanting more frequent updates can sign up for email updates via the website: https//

Up and coming Hall events: 21st June Fever Concert, 6th July Private Function, 17th July Private Function, 20th July Private Function, 26th July – 3rd August Kippford Painters Exhibition, 17th August Dog show.

Update from the Nature Reserve

Mike Riding (MR) reported that the contract for the footpaths had been awarded to Colin Dempster Ltd. The contract included 6 benches to be placed in various locations. It was noted that the bench which had been previously donated, had now been placed in a temporary location on the Nature Reserve but a more permanent location would be found. Martin Barrett (MB) indicated that he would like to sponsor a bench for the Nature Reserve.

It is hoped that the Forestry Commission, would be visiting soon to inspect the trees.

MR informed the committee that the saw mill at Dalbettie had agreed to donate bark chippings, MR to arrange transportation.

The latest update is now available on the website, MR stated that in future he would forward updates to the Kipp Group and committee members.

Alan Dingle (AD) indicated that the Tawny Owl box was now ready to be placed.

MB reported that he had spoken to Robbie Johnston who had bee hives at the caravan park, and he would be interested in having bee hives on the Nature Reserve. AD agreed to contact Robbie Johnston.  MB agreed to contact the lady who was interested in having bee hives on the Nature Reserve and would suggest that she contact AD.

Fund Raising/Events

The dog show will take place on 17th August, AD indicated that donations of cakes, biscuits and sandwiches would be appreciated. It was suggested that an appeal should be placed on the website.

Hall Benches

AD stated that a bench had recently been removed from the grass verge in front of the Village Hall, due to it being deemed unsafe. AD would try and ascertain if the family who had donated the bench many years ago could be contacted.


Newsletter: It was agreed that the next newsletter would be published in the autumn

Meeting closed: 8:45 pm     


Next  Meeting 22nd August at 8pm