Attendance:    David McCall (Chair), Alan Dingle (Dep. Chair), David Jamieson (Hall Manager), Douglas Waddell (Treasurer), Martin Barrett, Val Bradbury, Richard Copson, Kevin Gibson, Robert Kennedy, Mike Riding,

Apologies:     Ian Blake, Joanne Harris, Davie Stitt, Frank Williamson

1. Committee Chairs Opening Remarks

David McCall (DM) welcomed everyone to the meeting.  

2. Apologies for absence

As noted above

3. Minutes of previous meeting 21 May 2018

Corrections:  Spelling of Val’s surname to be corrected.  Mike Riding was in attendance.  Slight typo with David Hawkers name.

The minutes were agreed, subject to the above corrections, as a true record of the meeting.

4. Matters arising

Val Bradbury (VB) put forward a comment from various people in Jubilee Path regarding the recent village dinner.  They would have liked some entertainment during the evening.

David Jamieson (DJ) took this on board, noting that the previous year we had entertainment, which was drowned out by chatting; We will look into options for next year’s event – subject to cost.

5. Treasurer’s report


No further donations received this month and so the YTD total remains at thirty-seven donations totalling £1,545 (ave £42) versus fifty-eight at this time last year worth £2,355 (ave £41).

Rents: None received.

Hall Hire: £75 received for a private party.

Events: None during the month.

Car Park Contributions:

 £674 banked this month, making the YTD total just over £1,400.

The Kipp Donations:

No donations were received during the month. However, we did receive a further wayleave and compensation payment of £276.35. In total, we have received 29 donations amounting to £9,677.84 (including foreign currency and The Kipp Ltd’s surplus) along with a Gift Aid repayment of £7,238. We have also received wayleaves payments of £357.66 and a Grazing Let payment of £250. We have paid out £860 for tree clearing at the roadside and £177 for copy deeds and plans. Consequently, there is a surplus of £2,686 but I have yet to claim the Gift Aid rebate for this year’s donations.

Other Income:  Nothing banked for the electricity meter this month, so we remain at £852 YTD.

Outgoings:  Nothing was paid out during the month apart from the usual electricity and cleaning charges.

Cash Book Balance:

As at today, general funds were approximately £33,050 and there was also approx. £2,690 earmarked for The Kipp.


Kevin Gibson (KG) asked why Douglas Waddell (DW) uses the word approximate when reporting on balances.  DW explained that he was rounding rather than reporting pennies and single pounds.  Full, accurate accounts are held which report to the penny, and are audited each year.  It was agreed that DW would drop the word approximate on future reporting.

6. Hall Managers Report


Another request for a wedding reception in 2019 – two dates have been reserved in late Spring pending further arrangements.  David meeting the couple on 29th June to discuss details.

The badminton sessions on a Friday finish for the season on 29th June.

Renewed our annual membership with the Information Commissioner’s Office to comply with our Data Protection/GDPR obligations.  £40.


Some weed killer applied around the village hall.  More to be done – in small batches.

Website (

A status update for 21st  May and 8th June added to the website regarding The Kipp – outlining some details around the funding applications.

117 subscribers on the email list.  Our Facebook page has 496 followers; 96 on Twitter; 142 on Instagram

Hall Bookings

New bookings: 

Provisional wedding dates next year
 22 September -- Concert

Up and coming Hall events

 26 July–4 Aug Kippford Painters exhibition
 11 August: Dog Show
 7 – 9 Sept: Wedding

Hall Refurbishment:   Awaiting various costs.  The aim was to do as much of the work in July, when the hall is quieter, but we may not be able to get the trades due to availability.  In broad outline: the entire inside will be painted; new lighting in the main hall; refresh the toilets; upgrade the public-address system; replace some faulty glass panels; paint the exterior wooden surrounds and doors.  We’ve had a kind offer of some curtain material – to be investigated for suitability

7. Update from the Kipp Group

Met with SWEAT on Monday 4th June on The Kipp. They were very impressed with the land and it helped them understand our vision and what we were claiming a grant for.  Their funds would put this towardS building the car park area.

Colvend Community Council have asked us to their meeting on 5 July in case they wish to ask any questions about our application for funds form the EON Robin Rigg fund.

We have a visit from a botany group on the 19th June.  The official recorded for Kirkcudbrightshire will document the species on the land. 

We have been asked for further details from the D&G discretionary fund application.  They meet again in September to discus.

Alan Dingle (AD) gave a talk about the Kipp to the Probus group in Dalbeattie.

We have received a solicitor’s letter on behalf of Ms C Wallace, disputing our understanding of the boundary and her access to the Kipp.  The letter was dated 11 June, but arrived on 18th June (having been delivered incorrectly to someone in the village!).  We will seek advice on this.


KG asked about the proposed location of the car park – rather than at the bottom gate (opposite telephone exchange) he suggested an alternative via Quarry Road.  Initially views were that the area was not suitable.  The Car Park location is of course subject to planning consent and is provisional at this point

8. Revised Constitution

Martin Barrett (MB) produced a draft based on recent feedback.  Changes were discussed, and MB will update and recirculate next month

9. Poppy Appeal

No contact from anyone wishing to take this onboard.  DM to discuss with Eileen Steele to understand what is involved

10. Neighbourhood Watch

No contact from anyone.  DM to speak to John Withers.

11. AOCB

KG raised the traffic congestion issues.  Neither of our councillors were present to discuss this.  It was agreed that it is generally outwith the remit of the Kippford Association, but we would endeavour to support any council suggestions.

Email from Jack Nicholson distributed for info, re: village traffic


Meeting closed 8:50pm.         Next meeting: 16 July 2018, 7pm