Attendance:    David McCall (Chair), Alan Dingle (Dep. Chair), David Jamieson (Hall Manager), Douglas Waddell (Treasurer), Richard Copson, Robert Kennedy, Mike Riding, Frank Williamson, Ian Blake (Councillor), Davie Stitt (Councillor)

Guests:            Mr & Mrs Rosendale.

Apologies:       Martin Barrett, Val Bradbury, Joanne Harris


1. Committee Chairs Opening Remarks

David McCall (DM) welcomed everyone to the meeting, including villagers Mr & Mrs Rosendale as observers of the meeting.

2. Apologies for absence   

As noted above

3. Minutes of previous meeting 18 June 2018

The minutes were accepted as a true and accurate reflection.  Proposed by Richard and seconded by Robert.

4. Matters arising

David M has spoken to Poppy Scotland.  They are reorganising their approach in the area.  The Dalbeattie branch may take over the Kippford area; Mr Dingwall will be in touch with us.

David M has yet to catch up with J Withers regarding Neighbourhood watch

5. Treasurer’s report


One donation was received this month and so the YTD total is now thirty-eight donations totaling £1,645 (ave £43) versus fifty-eight at this time last year worth £2,355 (ave £41).

Rents: We received £360 for the second half-year for Thai Chi, Yoga, Yogalates & Ballet Fitness.

Hall Hire: “Fever” paid £60 for their concert on 2nd June.

Events: Apart from the concert, there were no other events during the month.

Car Park Contributions:  £205 banked this month, making the YTD total just over £1,606.

The Kipp Donations:

No donations or other monies were received during the month. In total, we have received 29 donations amounting to £9,677.84 (including foreign currency and The Kipp Ltd’s surplus) along with a Gift Aid repayment of £7,238. We have also received wayleaves payments of £357.66 and a Grazing Let payment of £250. We have paid out £860 for tree clearing at the roadside and £177 for copy deeds and plans. Consequently, there is a surplus of £2,686 but I have yet to claim the Gift Aid rebate for this year’s donations.

Other Income: Nothing banked for the electricity meter this month, so we remain at £852 YTD.

Outgoings:Apart from the usual electricity and cleaning charges, we paid out £40 to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Cash Book Balance:

As at today, general funds were approximately £33,650 and there was also approx. £2,690 earmarked for The Kipp.

6. Hall Manager’s Report


Met with a couple who are planning their wedding for May 2019.  Took them through hall facilities.  They will have the ceremony in the hall so require a licence from the council to do so.  D&G Council will require the ‘ok’ from the Hall Manager/Committee and will visit the venue.


The internal light in the hallway of the toilet area has failed again.  It was only replaced two months ago.  The light is often left on for long periods (days) and appears to be burning out.  We will look at a better solution, perhaps using timed delay off switches. 

Purchased two bottle openers for the kitchen.

Website (

No significant updates.

118 subscribers on the email list.  Our Facebook page has 510 followers; 99 on Twitter; 149 on Instagram

Hall Bookings

New bookings:

13 August: Merse Way AGM, 7pm

Up and coming Hall events

26 July–4 Aug:        Kippford Painters exhibition
11 August:              Dog Show
7 – 9 Sept:              Wedding
15 Sept:                  French Boules


David J and Alan will pull together a team for the tea/coffee/cake at the dog show.  We will also this year allow well behaved dogs and their owners into the hall during the event. 

7. Hall refurbishment budget approval

David J presented a spreadsheet of anticipated costs for the hall refurb.  The major costs are around lighting; painting; curtains.

A number of quotes had been obtained for each job.  All of the quotes were from local (D&G) businesses as it is important to support the local economy where possible.

Regarding Curtains:  David noted that we have been generously offered curtains by a local resident – these came from a hotel; are of good quality and appear to be fire retardant.  He presented a curtain to the committee as an example.  It was agreed that David J would now seek revised costs from a curtain maker to alter the material, if possible, to suit our windows.  If not we would revert to the costs presented in the spreadsheet.

David J is keen to press on and engage with the ‘trades’ to agree a schedule of works for the major tasks – noting that July and August are generally quiet months in the hall.  However, we may now have missed that window.

Approval was granted on all costs in the spreadsheet – £15k

8. Update from the Kipp Group

Mike, Caroline and Alan attended the Colvend Community Council meeting and presented information regarding ‘The Kipp’.  The CCC have generously allocated £8k to the project from the EON Robin Rigg fund at their disposal.

Richard continues to speak to LEADer with more specific detail regarding ‘The Kipp’. There is the potential to gain £50k from them in match funding

Alan to meet again with Kimberly Phillips to progress the D&G funding application.

The Botany Group walked the land recently with various members of The Kipp group.  They noted over 150 species of flora, with seven noted as special interest.  The full report will be uploaded to the website.

The Group are still speaking with Scottish Power in the hope they can clear the mess and repair the fence damage done during their recent renewal of power cables.

There was a ‘clearing up group’ on the 9th of July to remove old farmer’s waste and plastic bale waste.

Looking to cut some of the meadow in Killy Mew to encourage wild flower growth.

9. Revised Constitution

There were further discussions around the revised constitution.  This final version to be presented at the AGM around November.  David J will feed back to Martin on the latest revisals.

10. AOCB

Kipp Lodge have sent a Lawyer’s letter stating they have access over part of ‘the Kipp’ into the rear of their property. We have had the title professionally examined and mapped out and believe this not to be the case.  We have responded with evidence to that effect.  Their lawyer disputes the independent findings and is seeking a further response.  We have a further meeting with our lawyers, however we would much rather come to a neighbourly agreement. 

Parking and traffic management around the village:  Davie Stitt confirmed he had sent an internal email to [name supplied] about local concerns. He also raised the point by KG last month regarding the tables at a local business encroaching on the road.

There appears little the Council can do as traffic issues are the responsibility of Police Scotland, not D&G Council.  Parking on a public road is a criminal issue.  Sadly, the Police have not got the resources to monitor this.

There was discussion regarding the fact that people drive down to the end of Kippford looking for a parking space – this is not helped by cars parking on the side of the road. We could apply for a parking order for double yellow lines to stop cars parking on the road, however this would be impossible to enforce with the Police.

Colvend Community Council would like someone for the Association to attend their meetings and keep them updated on ‘The Kipp’.


Meeting closed 8:45pm.         Next meeting: 20th August 2018, 7pm