Attendance: David Jamieson (Chair), Alan Dingle (Vice Chair), Wendy Warne (Secretary), Martin Barrett, Val Bradbury, Robert Kennedy, Mike Riding, Kate Rosindale, Martin Rosindale, Sam Sample, Davie Stitt (Councillor)

Apologies: Richard Copson (Treasurer) Joanne Harris, Ian Blake (Councillor)

Matters Arising

Council Waste Recycling Proposal: Val Bradbury (VB) circulated a paper which she had prepared following attendance at an event hosted by D&G council. The paper summarised the information obtained at the event.  Two extra bins will be available for each household, one for paper, and one for plastics and cans. There will not be a bin for garden waste or glass bottles. The paper will be circulated with the next newsletter, along with a link requesting feedback to D&G council. Martin Rosindale ( MR) made a number of comments in relation to the proposal, but agreed he would provide feedback to the council.

Newsletter: The next newsletter will be circulated in February.

Election of Committee and Constitution:  David Jamieson (DJ) agreed to relook at the constitution and prepare proposals for the next AGM. Robert Kennedy (RK) indicated he was happy to assist.

1st January get together: DJ indicated that very good feedback had been received from residents.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report as at 31st  December 2019 had been previously circulated by Richard Copson (RC)


Donations: 30 Donations have been received to 31st December totalling £1,505, (31/12/18 11 donations totalling £510)

Other income: Rent: Nil, Hall Hire: £80 from Scottish Water for the public meeting, Car Park Donations: £476 to 31st December (December 2018 £456), Electric Meter: £81, £231 year to date (2018 £210) Grazing: £250 received for the horse grazing let.

Outgoings:  Hall: £264 expenditure on the hall grounds hedges etc, Nature Reserve: £6,676 has been spent on arboretum trees and £56 on netting to ensure the boardwalk is safe.

Balance:  At 31st December 2019 £49,074, including £ 9,578 balance of the Nature Reserve grants and donations.

Cash Flow: After the grant from Scottish Natural Heritage is received there will be a balance of approximately £20,000 of grant funds. This will be used for the car park and dyking repairs. Planning permission is required for the car park and this cannot be applied for until we have the speed limit reduction.

Grant Application: An application has been made to the Robin Rigg Wind Farm Fund, for a grant of £8,500 for new gates and fencing in the top field, dyking repair and tree felling on the roadside.

DJ felt that an analysis of the electricity cost and meter income should be undertaken.

VB enquired about the income for the hall being used as a Polling Station. DJ advised that there was a standard payment of £400 but the electricity used was paid for separately.

Richard Copson advised after the meeting that the payment for the hall for  use as a Polling Station was presently £450.

Hall Manager’s Report

The Hall Manager’s report was circulated by DJ.

Maintenance:  The hedges around the rear of the hall have been cut back. These will be done again in the spring/summer to keep them under control.

The water boiler was repaired in late November.

The outdoor Christmas tree was removed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Many thanks to a local resident for dealing with this.

One of the heaters in the hall is not operational. An electrician has been asked to look at it. The wall in the hall where the paint is flaking is also going to be looked at again.

The outside of the building, specifically the heat condensing units will washed and cleaned once the weather starts to improve.

Hall bookings: New bookings: 19th or 26th April potential Charity Event (Water Aid), 15th May Mary Barclay’s Band, 6th & 7th June Sailability in association with the Yacht Club, 3rd September 2020, Private Event

Up and coming Hall Events: 25th January RNLI SOS lunch, 25th January Yacht club prize giving (evening), 7th March An Audience with Pamela McIellan, 28th March Private Event.

Update from the Nature Reserve

Alan Dingle (AD) circulated an update for the Nature Reserve.

The arboretum is now established with the planting of 500 specimen trees.

There are stocks of various footpath materials on site to enable repairs to be carried out as required.

The planting of 220 trees donated by the Woodland Trust has now been completed and connects the established woodlands bordering the sides of Killey Mews. Additional trees donated by one of the tree suppliers have been planted around the Reserve.

New Grant Applications: As previously mentioned in the Treasurer’s Report a grant has been applied for to Eon/Robin Rigg wind Farm Fund.  Successful applicants will be advised later this month

An application has also been made to the National Lottery for a donations collection secure vault that will be placed on the reserve.

Other Work: the positioning of bird nesting boxes has commenced. The signboards and finger posts will be installed over the next few weeks.

It was noted that many positive comments have been posted on the Village Facebook page by visitors to the Reserve.

DJ advised that Forestry and Land Scotland’s South Region team would be commencing work soon to prepare for tree felling in Mark Hill Forest Kippford. Preparatory work would commence week commencing 27th January and felling from mid February. A document from Forestry and Land Scotland giving further information will be posted on the Kippford Association website.

Fund Raising/Events

DJ reported that a local resident had suggested a talk be organised in relation to the Galloway Viking Treasure Hoard. DJ agreed to approach the archaeologist, with a view to organising an evening event.

It was felt that this year the Kippnic, proposed previously could be organised.

Scottish Water Treatment Plant Update

DJ advised that a meeting had been arranged for next week which he and Robert Kennedy would attend along with representatives from, the Jubilee Path, Rough Firth, Merse Way. Information would be available in relation to the ground work that had been undertaken.

It was noted that a planning application had been submitted by Scottish Water for temporary works to be undertaken to the current plant on Rough Firth. (There is a link on the Kippford website for further information on the planning application).

DJ indicated that he would request that a further public meeting be held.

Information available will be published in the newsletter.

Replacement Post on Pedestrian Ramp

AD advised that the post on the pedestrian ramp to the car park needed to be replaced. DJ agreed to arrange.

Any Other Business

Grass Verges: As discussed at a previous meeting it was agreed to organise for the grass verges, on the left hand side of the road coming into Kippford, to be cut during the summer on a regular basis. DJ agreed to inform the council that the Kippford Association would undertake this work, and he also agreed to obtain quotes.

Traffic Lights Dalbeattie: MR raised this issue, in relation to the traffic lights by Dalbeattie School. He suggested that each of the four roads should be given their own priority rather than the present set up. Davie Stitt agreed to raise this with the appropriate department at the Council. DJ also suggested that MR could raise it at the Colvend Council Meeting.

Kirkcudbright Botanist:  VB advised that a group of people would be on the Merse on 4th April looking for maritime species.

Speed Limits: Martin Barrett (MB) asked if there was any update on the speed limit proposal. DJ indicated that he was in the process of preparing a paper which would be circulated.

Date and time of the Next Meeting

The next meeting was arranged for Thursday 20th February at 8pm