Attendance: David Jamieson (Chair), Alan Dingle (Vice Chair), Kate Rosindale (Treasurer), Martin Barrett, Val Bradbury, Richard Copson, Kevin Gibson, Joanne Harris, Robert Kennedy, Mike Riding, Martin Rosindale‚Äč

Apologies:    Ian Blake (Councillor), Davie Stitt (Councillor)


1 & 2 Attendance and Apologies:      As noted above

3 Minutes of previous meeting.   Minutes accepted

4. Matters arising

David thanked Joanne, Val and Kevin for their help with the 1st January event in the village hall.  It was very well attended by Villagers.

Someone in the village has kindly offered to step into the role of secretary.  However, they would be unable to meet on a Monday evening, as per the current schedule.  We discussed various days to suit everyone and David will now go back to the volunteer to see if the new day/time suits.

5. Treasurer’s report

We have received 18 donations totalling £800.  Cash donations have also been taken at the AGM and New Year Lunch.

Rents: Received from Bowling Club and Yogalates etc.


Wine tasting raised £86.00.  The Carol Concert in December, the Hogmanay gathering and the New Years’ Day lunch were successful. Carol concert raised £169.67 – donation to Kings Grange Singers of £100.

Car park donations £456.45.

Other income: Electricity meter £210


The usual cleaning and electricity bills were paid. The Christmas tree cost £276. Printing costs for the AGM were £106.03. The PPL licence cost £121.20. Wine etc for the Carol Concert and New Year’s Day lunch were approx. £200.

The Kipp:

Balance at the start of the year was £5,125.93. Income from grants was £19,000. Expenditure was £13,787.  Balance £10,338.93.

The Hall and Car Park:

Balance at start £27,639.48. Income £3,491.94. Expenditure £6,269.09. Balance £24,862.33.

Cash Book Balance: £35,201.26.

6. Hall Manager’s Report

We have too many people holding a key for the village hall. The proposal is to replace the locks and maintain a signed list of key holders.

The new Hall curtains are coming!  Slight delay with the fabric but now resolved.

Tidal times are now available on the website.

131 subscribers on the email list.  Our Facebook page has 623 followers; 107 on Twitter; 242 on Instagram. 

Hall Bookings

New bookings: Two enquires for later in the year, nothing confirmed as yet.

Up and coming Hall events: 26 January RNLI Fund Raising Lunch, then Yacht Club prize giving.  15 March – Parkinson’s Group fund raising event

7. Update form the Kipp Group

We have agreed to provide an update to the Colvend Community Council on progress with The Kipp.  Richard will prepare this for their next meeting in early February.

David will write to the CCC thanking them for their donation of £8,000 from the EON funds.

Mike confirmed that 4,600 trees are being delivered on 20th February.  We are planning an update to villagers in the hall on the 11th February on progress so far with The Kippford Community Nature Reserve – we will also seek volunteers to help with planting.

Richard is meeting the planning officer to discuss the entrance, parking area, signage and change of use status.

David Hawker (Official Botanical Recorder for Kirkcudbrightshire) would like to return to undertake a woodland survey to add to his survey of the Kipp in June last year.

During the work to prepare for the tree planting, we had some spare time with the digger.  Mike spoke with the owners of Kipp Lodge and agreed to help with their flooding concerns in their garden, by moving some soil and also filling in a ditch near their property. 

8. Scottish Water / damage to mains pipe

On the 2nd January Richard and David spotted sewage pouring out of a hole in the ground on the perimeter of the road and the land of the Kipp.  Richard contacted Scottish Water and SEPA.  It appears there is a burst mains sewage pipe.  Scottish Water have been in contact with Scottish Power as the area is directly below a mains power cable.  SP will need to isolate the power to the cables before SW can dig up and establish where the damage is.  In the meantime, SW will install a temporary pumping solution to bypass the area.  SP say it may be 8 weeks before they can undertake their works.  David and Richard will keep on top of SW

9. Village Communications

We discussed alternative ways to keep villagers up to date on events.  Currently we rely on an email list, and notices in the board at the village hall. Occasionally paper notices are also circulated.  Some feel this is not enough.

We agreed that village communications will now appear in the notice boards at the hall and the bus stop.  We will also look to produce an occasional paper newsletter to be circulated around all houses.  Email updates will continue too.

Martin R will take forward the production of the newsletter and gather content

10. Fund Raising / Events

Val brought forward a few new ideas for general fund raising.  We all agreed with these and she will come back with proposed dates

The Village dinner will again be held in the Village Hall.  Feedback is that it works very well in the hall, and allows people to return home easily.  Joanne will speak to caterers on suggested dates and menus.  We will explore entertainment options to complement the evening.

11. AOCB

Kevin raised the seawall issue and would like to speak to the council further on this.  While we had confirmed last year that the council have no money to repair it, he feels that it could be opened up to provide access on foot to the shore.  Kevin will pick this up with the Council and report back


Meeting closed: 9:25pm     Next meeting:  (provisionally) 21 February 2019 8pm