Attendance: David Jamieson (Chair), Alan Dingle (Vice Chair), Richard Copson (Treasurer) Wendy Warne (Secretary), Martin Barrett, Val Bradbury, Robert Kennedy, Mike Riding, Kate Rosindale, Martin Rosindale, Sam Sample

Apologies: Joanne Harris, Ian Blake (Councillor), Davie Stitt (Councillor)

Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting ( 16th January 2020)

The minutes were accepted as a correct record.

Matters Arising

Newsletter: Martin Rosindale (MR) indicated that the Newsletter had been printed and was now ready to be distributed.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report as at 31st  January 2020 had been previously circulated by Richard Copson (RC)


Donations: 40 Donations have been received to 31st January totalling     £2,110 average £52 (31/1/19 23 donations totalling £1,065 average £46). RC proposed to send a reminder out with the newsletter

Other income: Rent: Nil, Hall Hire: Car Park Donations: £593 to 31st January (January 2019 £640), Electric Meter: £81, £322 year to date (2019 £210)

Other Donations: The Hogmanay private event generated a donation of £190 and the New Years Day lunch £74.

Dedications: £590 has been received to date for dedications for trees and benches on the Nature Reserve. Further dedications have been requested.

After some discussion it was agreed that any future benches should be the same design and should only be approved for specific locations.


Hall: no significant outgoings, Nature Reserve: £1,137 has been paid for further ground works.

Balance:  At 31st January 2020 £49,460, including £ 9,030 balance of the Nature Reserve grants and donations

Grant Application: The application to the Robin Rigg Wind Farm Fund, for a grant of £8,600 was successful. We can now proceed with the tree felling, followed by new gates and fencing in the top field, and dyke repair.

It was noted that the lottery funding for the steel donation box had not been approved. RC indicated that there may be other options for funding, it was agreed that the box needed to be in place by the summer.

Hall Manager’s Report

The Hall Manager’s report was circulated by David Jamieson (DJ)

Maintenance: Costs are awaited to replace the wooden posts in the car park, which prevent parking at the foot path.

The village defibrillator will be upgraded as part of a Colvend Community Council funding award for the area.

General: D&G Council have enquired about booking the hall April to September on a Monday for over 50s exercise classes.

DJ is exploring the possibility of a drinking water fountain outside the village hall as part of the “Coastal Fountain Fund”. A grant may be available with the Colvend Community Council, but a water meter would have to be installed at the village costs.

The committee wished to extend thanks to the Solway Yacht Club for allowing the meeting held on 21st January, with Scottish Water to take place in the club house.

Hall bookings: New bookings: 27th July Singer Motor Club Lunch

Up and coming Hall Events: 7th March An Audience with Pamela McIellan, 28th March Private Event, 19th April, Water Aid charity Walk via rotary club of Dalbeattie, 25th April, Private Event, Dog show provisionally 15th August.

Update from the Nature Reserve

Alan Dingle (AD) circulated an update for the Nature Reserve.

The Kippford Community Nature Reserve sign has now been positioned inside the pedestrian entrance. The advisory sign acknowledging our gratitude to the corporate and friends donors has been erected at the end of the board walk.

The placing of finger post signs has been delayed due to the inclement weather. It is planned to recommence the work on 24th February, subject to an improvement in the weather.

AD was pleased to report that the recent storms had caused little damage to the tree tubes, and the additional drainage channels had performed well. Some bamboo canes in the arboretum needed attention.

Sign labels have been placed at each species of trees in the arboretum these are in Latin and the common name.

The bee keeper has confirmed that he still intends to place a pair of hives on the reserve.

Mike Riding (MR1) has created an on line record for all bird species recorded on the reserve. This system requires an initial sighting and then a second independent sighting to confirm.

As stated in the Treasurers report the grant application to the Robin Rigg Wind Farm Fund has been successful, and the work can now commence.

Kate Rosindale (KR) queried whether the Scots pine tree was actually a Scots pine or a Corsican pine. KR to obtain advice from an expert.

DJ confirmed that very positive comments were still being received on social media.

Fund Raising/Events/Dog Show

DJ confirmed that he had emailed the archaeologist in relation to the Galloway Viking Treasure Hoard evening event.

A provisional date of 15th August was agreed for the Dog show.

Scottish Water Treatment Plant Update

DJ advised that the notes of the recent meeting had been attached to the Newsletter.

Further details of the temporary work required to the plant on Rough Firth were now available. Two tanks would be required with fencing and camouflage netting from May to September 2020 and 2021.

Although not ideal the committee accepted that something had to be done to enable the water treatment to be improved. DJ to request an artist impression of the temporary site. Other questions for Scottish Water included how the tanks would be emptied and how often this would be required. DJ also agreed to contact the chair of the Rough Firth Committee.

It was noted that the comments of a holiday home owner on Rough Firth had been forwarded to DJ. DJ agreed to respond with the views of the committee.

Quotation for Hedge Trimming

AD indicated he had received a quotation for cutting back the gorse and hedge trimming on the car park. It was felt that this should be carried out every 2 years. Consideration should be given to sharing the costs with the Yacht Club.

Bus Shelter

DJ reported that the Bus Shelter was in need of cleaning. It was agreed that a small working group should undertake this work. DJ also indicated that he would contact the council with a view to the provision of a disabled parking spot near the bus shelter.

Any other Committee Business

MR queried whether any progress had been made with the kitchen extension. DJ indicated that he had not had a response regarding new plans as yet. He agreed to email him to request an update.

KR requested that a poster advertising the National Trust Scotland guided walks to Rough Island be displayed on the Notice Board.


Meeting closed at 9pm. 

Date and time of the Next Meeting 19th March at 8pm