Attendance: David Jamieson (Chair), Alan Dingle (Vice Chair), Kate Rosindale (Treasurer), Wendy Warne (Secretary), Martin Barrett, Val Bradbury, Richard Copson, Kevin Gibson, Mike Riding, Martin Rosindale. Davie Stitt (Councillor)

Apologies:    Ian Blake (Councillor) Joanne Harris, Robert Kennedy


1 & 2 Attendance and Apologies:      As noted above


3. Committee Changes

The chairman welcomed Wendy Warne to her first meeting and thanked her for taking on the role as Secretary. It was noted that Kate Rosindale (KR) wished to resign as Treasurer. David Jamieson (DJ) thanked her for all the work that she had done. After some discussion, Val Bradbury(VB)  proposed Richard Copson (RC) for this role. KR seconded this proposal. RC agreed to meet with KR prior to the next meeting.

4. Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting (21st January 2019)

The minutes were accepted as a correct record.

5. Matters Arising

Village Communications Martin Rosindale (MR) confirmed that he had produced and distributed a Newsletter, which had been very well received. A further one would be produced as and when required. Any items for the Newsletter should be emailed to MR.

Update from the Kipp Group RC confirmed that an update had been sent to the Colvend Community Council.

VB indicated she had spoken to David Hawker and was awaiting dates from him for his return visit.

Scottish Water/damage to mains pipes It was noted that Scottish power had only just been requested to provide a quote by Scottish Water. MR questioned whether this was becoming a heath and safety issue. RC  indicated that SEPA had been contacted.  DJ advised that he would raise this with SW

6. Treasurer’s Report

6 donations had been received since the last meeting totalling £245

No income had been received for rents, events or car parking.

Other income: heating box £120, and compensation from RBS for the delay in changing the mandate £150 plus travel/call costs £70.20. The travel/call costs KR proposed to claim.

Outgoings:  all outstanding bills have been paid, a credit of £58.91 has been received from Kinnairds

The Kipp: Balance £17,909.93

The Hall and Car Park: Balance £25,226.16

Cash Book Balance: £43,136.09.

7. Hall Managers Report

A local club had looked at the pool table with a view to us donating it to them, but unfortunately they could not utilise it as it was pub size and not league size.

The new door closure has now been fitted.

The new curtains are to be fitted on Tuesday 26th February. It was noted that a sound specialist would then be engaged regarding the PA/microphone system. This would then complete the refurbishment of the hall.

Various updates have been added to the website

131 subscribers on the email list, the facebook page has 629 followers: 108 on Twitter; 250 on Instagram.

Hall Bookings

New booking;  28 September /Private Function

Up and coming Hall Events; 15 March Parkinson’s Group fund raising event, 11/12 May Private function, 31 May/2 June Wedding.

DJ agreed to check the date for the Kippford Artist Event. 

DJ meeting will locksmith to review Village Hall door lock options on Monday 25 February.

8. Update from the Kipp Group

Alan Dingle (AD) informed the meeting that he had received a request from Kimberly Phillips for details of how the money had been spent. AD had responded and it was noted that Kimberly Phillips wanted to return and see what progress had been made.

The RSPB had made a recent visit, and they had been very enthusiastic about the work being undertaken. They indicated that they would be looking for volunteers to carry out a survey in Spring and Autumn to ascertain if there had been any increase in species.

The open evening had been well attended and positive feedback had been received.

The Kipp had appeared in two recent articles in the Galloway News, and RC & MR had also been interviewed by a local radio station.

4,600 trees had been delivered and planting was due to take place on Saturday and Sunday 23/24 February.

VB had received information on suitable flowers which could be planted, a budget of £150 was agreed for the purchase.

VB would be attending a Wildlife Recorders’ day on 30th March organised by the South West Scotland Environmental Wildlife Information Centre.

9. Village Dinner

It was agreed that the village Dinner would take place in the village hall on Friday 10th May. Joanne Harris (JH) to organise caterers.

10. Fund Raising / Events

VB proposed an antique valuation day, Flog It style. She indicated that this could be carried out by Thomson Roddick of Dumfries. VB to confirm dates.

Easter Egg Hunt DJ to obtain further information regarding organising this event, which would take place on Easter Sunday 21 April.

Dog Show AD indicated he was awaiting details of the Kippford Artist Exhibition before he could organise the Dog Show.

11. AOCB

Hall Kitchen: VB proposed that consideration be given to extending the hall kitchen. After some discussion it was agreed that this could be provisionally looked at. Kevin Gibson (KG) agreed to speak to an architect and arrange with the hall manager for them to look at the present kitchen and site.

Planning Application: DJ indicated that he had received correspondence from a homeowner in the village about a proposed planning application. It was not felt that this was appropriate business for the Kippford Association and DJ agreed to respond, suggesting that they may wish to raise the issue with the Roughfirth committee.


Meeting closed: 9:15pm     Next meeting:   21 March 2019, 8pm in the Village Hall