Attendance: David Jamieson (Chair), Alan Dingle (Vice Chair), Wendy Warne (Secretary), Val Bradbury, Joanne Harris, Robert Kennedy, Mike Riding, Kate Rosindale, Martin Rosindale, Davie Stitt (Councillor) 

Apologies:      Ian Blake (Councillor), Martin Barrett, Richard Copson

David Jamieson (DJ) reported that Kevin Gibson had resigned from the committee since the last meeting. DJ was hoping to speak to Kevin, but the committee extended thanks to Kevin for his support whilst on the committee.

Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting

The minutes of 20th June 2019 were accepted as a correct record

Matters Arising

Roof leak: DJ to approach a builder to look at this problem.

Hall Kitchen: DJ indicated that he had not received a response from the original architect involved. It was agreed that another architect should be approached.

Speed Limit: The results from the speed test undertaken on the road had been received. DJ agreed to put these on the website. DJ had discussed the issues with the Road Department and it was noted that there was still further work to be done.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report as at 9th August 2019 had been previously circulated by Richard Copson (RC)

Two further donations have been received since the last meeting.  YTD 45 donations received totalling £1,930, averaging £43. Last year 38 donations had been received totalling £1,645, averaging £43.

The Gift Aid claim for 2018/19 has now been received totalling £1,018 including £521 for Gift Aid on car park donations.

Other income: Rent: £229 for badminton,  Hall Hire: £450 for polling station use, £400 for a wedding, and £120 for two private functions, Car Park Donations: £526, YTD £1,974, (2018 YTD £1,731), Electric Meter: £20,YTD £555

Outgoings: Nature Reserve: None

Other normal small monthly payments.  

Balance:  At 31st July 2019 £42,632, including £15,546 balance of the Nature Reserve grants and donations.

Kate Rosindale (KR) advised that she had received an invoice which she would forward to RC.

Hall Manager’s Report

The Hall Manager’s report had been previously circulated by DJ.

It was noted that the final part of the project to upgrade the village hall had been completed with the installation of a new sound system. This gives superior microphone and sound quality plus the ability to add an additional microphone if required. The equipment also allows for music to be played from phones and tablets via Bluetooth. The total cost of the sound system £362.

The Annual Dog show was a great success, raising £912 for the Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre. Thanks are extended to all sponsors, participants and everyone in the village who gave their time to make it a fun day.

Regular Events

  • Tuesday 1pm: Kippford Bridge Club returns 24th September  
  • Wednesday 7.15 pm: Kippford Carpet Bowling Club returns 2nd October
  • Friday 7.30pm: Badminton has resumed 16th August
  • Lisa’s keep fit classes begin from 10th September

Hall bookings: New bookings: 12th August, Merse Way AGM, 21st September, Private Function, 28th September, Private Function, 24th October, RNLI Coffee Morning, 2nd November, Tim Kliphuis Musical Event, 25th January 2020, RNLI SOS Event.

Up and coming Hall Events: 21st September Private Function, 28th September Private Function, 4th October, Antiques Valuation, 24th October, RNLI coffee Morning.

It was noted that the hedge at the back of the car park would be cut in the next few weeks.

Update from the Nature Reserve

Alan Dingle (AD) gave an update from the Nature Reserve committee.

Dempster’s had made an impressive start on the footpath network. Unfortunately some flood damage had occurred, and additional culverts would be added.

The new pond had been built, with landscaping and planting to follow.

Further work is underway in planning the arboretum. A selection of specimen birch trees will be sourced from the National Collection suppliers in Devon. It is hoped that volunteers will assist with the preparatory work in September and planting in November.

A document has been prepared on “Memorial Benches & Trees”, this will be available on the website.

Alan Smith (fencing) LTD are currently on site installing timber gates, broadwalk and a new pedestrian gate from the road.

The estate kissing gate was delivered to Orange Works in Castle Douglas, this has been restored and a new swing gate built.

Designs are in preparation for the entrance signs into the Nature Reserve. The first will be visible from the road to advise access points and reserve title. The second sign will be on the reserve to acknowledge the generosity of residents and friends of the village and also the charity funders who may wish for corporate logo to be displayed.

A discussion took place regarding options to secure access at the top of the  Nature Reserve. Various options were identified, it was agreed to seek further professional advice.

Another issue on the Nature Reserve was discussed, it was agreed that DJ would prepare and circulate a draft letter outlining the options.

Fund Raising/Events

The next event is the Antiques Valuation on 4th October. Posters advertising the event are to be prepared by DJ.

A possible date for the Village Dinner was identified as 26th October. Joanne Harris (JH) to check the availability of the caterers.

A wine tasting event will hopefully be organised in November.

Nuisance from Seagulls

Martin Rosindale (MR) raised this issue following concerns by residents in relation to seagulls becoming a nuisance. It was agreed to put a notice on the website requesting residents not to feed seagulls. MR also indicated that he could put something in the next newsletter.

Any Other Business

Email from Jack Nicholson re Speed restrictions

DJ had previously circulated an email from Jack Nicholson regarding his thoughts on the speed limit restrictions. This was discussed and a draft response prepared by DJ was approved.

Drainage on the Main Road

AD raised concerns in relation to the drains taking water from the road which appeared to be blocked. Davie Stitt (DS) agreed to raise this with the appropriate department.

Public Toilets

MR raised this issue and indicated that he was aware that letters had been received by local businesses regarding the future of Public toilets. A discussion took place regarding this but it was agreed that it was not something the Association would want to get involved in. DS reported that a consultation exercise was presently being undertaken.


Meeting closed at 9.40pm    Date of next meeting 19th September 2019 at 8pm