1. Attendance   

D McCall (Chair), V Bradbury, R Copson,  A Dingle,  K Gibson,  J Harris,  M Barrett.  Councillor D Stitt was in attendance.

2. Apologies for absence

D Jamieson, R  Kennedy,  M Riding, D Waddell

3. Minutes of meeting held on 16 July 2018


4. Matters arising

The Poppy Appeal - D McCall has met with J Dingwall with a view to arranging for collection points within the village and possible door to door collections.

5. Treasurer’s Report

Donations: No donations this month and so the YTD total remains at thirty-eight donations totaling £1,645 (ave £43) versus sixty at this time last year worth £2,495 (ave £42).

Rents: We received £236 from the Badminton Club for the year.

Hall Hire: £75 for birthday party.

Events: The Dog Show was a great success. Sponsorship income of £375 was supplemented with entry money of £423.50 and food contributions of £242.60. After expenses of £73.05 and our donation of £800 to the D&G Canine Rescue Centre there was a small surplus of £168.05.

Car Park Contributions:  £408 banked this month, making the YTD total just over £2,015 which is a new record.

The Kipp Donations:  A donation of £341.70 was received from Hogmanay ‘16 during the month. In total, we have received 30 donations amounting to £10,019.54 (including foreign currency and The Kipp Ltd’s surplus) along with a Gift Aid repayment of £7,238. We have also received wayleaves payments of £357.66 and a Grazing Let payment of £250. This month we paid out £870.63 for a land survey on top of prior months’ payments of £860 for tree clearing at the roadside and £177 for copy deeds and plans. Consequently, there is a surplus of £2,157. I have submitted our claim for the Gift Aid rebate for this year’s donations (both Kipp and others) and expect the money to be in the bank by the end of the month.

Other Income: £40 banked for the electricity meter this month, making £892 YTD.

Outgoings: Nothing apart from the usual electricity and cleaning charges.

Cash Book Balance: As at today, general funds were approximately £34,417 and there was also approx. £2,157 earmarked for The Kipp.

6. Hall Manager’ s Report

General : The regular sessions are due to start in September in the hall

                  Drinks licence has been applied for to cover the Boules evening.

Hall Refurbishment:  

The Hall Manager has met with the electricians and painters on 17 August to agree a schedule of works.

The new lighting will be installed in the week commencing 27 August; scaffolding will be delivered on the preceding Friday. The painter will start painting of the ceiling week commencing 27 August.

Replacement glazing panels have been ordered to replace 5 faulty units in the foyer.

We have been donated a large quantity of curtain material by a resident of the village. Unfortunately some of the material is sun-damaged and some is slightly worn. We are checking with a curtain maker to confirm if these curtains can be picked apart and with a view to reusing undamaged material and to obtain cost estimates for this work.

Website (www.kippford.org):

Update of recent works on The Kipp added.

120 subscribers on the email list. Our Facebook page has 588 followers; 101 on Twitter;163 on Instagram

Hall Bookings :  new booking  July 2019 - Private Function to be confirmed.

Up and coming Hall events :

    7-9 Sept    -   Wedding

    22 Sept     -    Ian Thomson (music duo playing contemporary & traditional songs)  

7. Update from The Kipp Group

The application for funding from Leader is continuing. In addition, alternative/ additional funding from the Heritage  Lottery Fund has been investigated .

IPA and Forestry applications are under consideration by the respective awarding bodies. Applications to D&G Discretionary Fund (£18,750), Sweat (£ 10k) and Eon/Robin Rigg Fund (£8k-10k)

Terry Calvert has offered to donate a chainsaw carving on the standing sentinel tall stumps

Solway Plant Hire  supplied (free of charge)    a 21 ton excavator and a driver for two days to remove and bury the short sumps, level the ground and build a causeway  across the burn and to install a water outfall control facility from the large wetland. We will be charged for the aggregate  and corrugated conduits supplied.

A meeting with a local dyker is arranged for 21 August at 3pm to discuss construction of a feature dyke at the lower entrance.

Julia Gallagher, a local Community RSPB contact, has offered to walk The Kipp to discuss habitat creation and planting to encourage wildlife. Date to be confirmed.

Further quotations for the development of bike storage and parking on The Kipp are being sought.

8. Revised Constitution

There was further discussion to fine-tune the proposed revisions to the Constitution of The Kippford Association. This will be completed for publication prior to the AGM.

9. The Seawall

Further deterioration in the condition of the seawall has been noted. The KA will notify the Council of its concerns regarding future repair and upkeep. The Chairman is to write to the Council.

10. AOCB

2018 Family Dog Show

59 dogs participated this year. Dogs had been allowed to enter the hall this year with their owner. This had proved to be a successful development. £800 had been raised for the Canine Rescue Centre at Glencaple. £200 had been raised for The Association.

A sincere “thank you” is extended to all you donated produce for the catering.

A 2019 Dog Show is already being planned for a weekend that will not clash with the Dalbeattie festivities.