Attendance: David Jamieson (Chair), Alan Dingle (Vice Chair), Richard Copson (Treasurer), Wendy Warne (Secretary), Martin Barrett, Val Bradbury,  Joanne Harris, Mike Riding, Kate Rosindale, Martin Rosindale. Davie Stitt (Councillor)

Apologies:     Ian Blake (Councillor), Kevin Gibson, Robert Kennedy

Attendance and Apologies:      As noted above

Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting (21st March 2019)

The minutes were accepted as a correct record.

Matters Arising

Newsletter: Relevant details for the donations and village dinner menu had been forwarded to Martin Rosindale (MR1) and the new sheet had been produced. 

Roof leak: David Jamieson (DJ) agreed to contact Kevin Gibson (KG) for an update regarding the water ingress on the wall where the foyer joins the main hall.

Bank mandate: Richard Copson (RC) confirmed that details had been forwarded to RBS but a recent communication had been received and they had requested documentation again.

Forestry commission: Mike Riding (MR) confirmed that a claim had been submitted for the trees and inspection of the site would be undertaken prior to reimbursement.

Dog show: DJ reported that he had been contacted by Canine Rescue and he confirmed that the dog show would take place on 17th August.

Wild flower seeds: Val Bradbury (VB) reported that she had met with David Hawker and was now aware of the seeds to purchase and the quantities required.  He had also suggested obtaining hay to scatter in the autumn.  Details of the cost were forwarded to RC.

Hall Kitchen: MR1 indicated that KG had undertaken searches regarding the ownership of the land and it was confirmed that this belonged to the Kippford Association.  A discussion took place regarding the proposed extension and additional car parking.  It was agreed that the committee still wished to pursue the kitchen extension and that the views of the whole village would need to be obtained regarding this and views on additional car parking.  It was agreed to seek advice from the architect regarding the car parking issues.

DJ agreed to contact the architect regarding this issue and quotes for the kitchen.

Treasurer’s Report

Richard Copson (RC) presented the treasurer’s report which had been previously circulated.

One donation had been received since the last meeting.  YTD 25 donations have been received totalling £1130, averaging £46. Last year 37 donations had been received totalling £1545, averaging £42. The donation appeal has recently been circulated with the newsletter.

Other income: Rent  None, £70 car park donations, YTD £984 ( 2018 YTD £727)  £77 electric meter YTD £476

Outgoings: Nature Reserve: None, Annual insurance renewal: £913 (2018 £857)

Hall Refurbishment: New curtains £1965

Other normal small monthly payments.  

Balance: £47,851, including £15,511 balance of the Nature Reserve grants and donations.

Hall Manager’s Report

DJ presented the Hall Manager’s report which had been previously circulated. It was noted that the pool table had now been removed, by the club from Castle Douglas.

Registration for the Information Commissioner’s Office/Data Protection is now due for renewal at a cost of £40.

The catering for the village dinner on the 10th May 2019 has now been booked and the menu selected. The ticket price being £23.50, and a Bring your own Bottle will be operated. This is a social gathering for residents and not a fund raising event and the ticket price covers the cost of the catering. Tickets are available from any committee member or by emailing

Traffic to the website has been increasing and feedback remains positive. Social Media is also seeing an increase and in some Facebook posts we hit a reach of almost 2000 individuals. Kate Rosindale (KR) agreed to send photographs of plants and wildlife in Kippford for Facebook.

Hall bookings:

New bookings: 21st June the Fever, musical event,  6th July Private Function

Up and coming Hall events: 25th April Jubilee Path AGM, 10th May Village Dinner, 11/12th May Private Function, 31st May-2nd June Wedding

Update from the Nature Reserve

Mike Riding (MR) reported that a tender document had been circulated to various contractors for the footpaths, benches and gates. It was expected that this work would be completed by mid September.

DJ queried whether anything could be done with the tyre damage in the top field. After some discussion it was decided not to do anything at the present time.

It was noted that a local photographer was taking photographs on a regular basis, and DJ agreed to add something to the Facebook page.

RC reported that a local garden centre had donated a bench this had now been received and just required staining. RC agreed to send a letter of thanks.

Martin Barret (MB) asked if any progress had been made in relation to having bee hives on the Nature Reserve. MR indicated that there was a local resident who was interested and Joanne Harris (JH) agreed to make contact. MB indicated that he would contact the Bee Keeping Association of Scotland.

MB queried whether wood carvings were still being considered for the Nature Reserve, DJ agreed to contact Kristine Filer.

MB stated that a recent visitor had commented that the planting of the trees on the Nature Reserve was a wonderful legacy.

It was agreed that a further Open Day, with presentations in the Hall and walks on the Nature Reserve should be organised. Date to be confirmed.

Fund Raising/Events

DJ suggested a Kippford Cookbook could be produced, it was agreed to consider this in the future.

Speed Limit

A proposal to reduce the speed limit had been previously circulated. MR reported that following a planning application for the footpaths and car park for the Nature Reserve, a site visit had been undertaken by representatives of the planning department. The application could not be endorsed due to inadequate sight lines. A discussion had however followed regarding the speed limit which is presently 60 mph, it was felt that if this could be reduced to 40 mph it might help with a planning application in the future. It was also felt that a 40 mph limit was more appropriate in view of the number of access points on to the road and the pedestrian traffic during the summer months. The proposal previously circulated by MR was discussed and it was agreed that support from residents and local businesses would be required.  The proposal was supported and DJ agreed to contact the tearoom, caravan parks and pottery.  JH confirmed that she would obtain details of the manager of the caravan park.

RC and DJ to forward a letter to the council regarding this issue as soon as possible.


Davie Stitt (DS) reported that there would be road works on the A710 from 25th April to 29th April with some minor delays.  In relation to road works MR1 queried why the yellow paint markings for potholes had been stopped at the bend near the village hall.  DS agreed to raise this with the relevant people.

Newsletters: MR1 confirmed that these had now all been delivered except to Riverview.  DJ suggested emailing or ringing Robert Kennedy with regard to the delivery.

Door lock: It was noted that the locks had not as yet been changed.

Wild flower seeds: It was agreed that these would be scattered on Tuesday 23rd April at 10.00 am.  DJ agreed to circulate a message to the Nature Reserve group.


Meeting closed: 9:30 pm  Next meeting:  16th May 2019, 8pm in the Village Hall