One year ago today we officially started tree planting in the Kippford Community Nature Reserve. Since then we've planted 4,600+ trees; created three water scrapes, and a pond; laid our first paths in a 6 acres section; installed 8 benches.

We've also created an arboretum to celebrate the beauty of birch trees, which the Urr Valley is renowned for. Our collection has twenty varieties from around the world. You can enjoy these as you wander around the paths.

We are truly grateful to the support of Residents from the Village, and further afield in the community. Some of you came along and dug holes, planted trees, delivered tea, or came along to watch and support.

The project has taken several years to come to the point where we could get on the land and do something. Many people were involved in the early vision -- we are forever grateful.

The feedback we have had from the community is fantastic, with so many people now wandering around enjoying the landscape.

We're not standing still and aim to deliver a natural and diverse habitat for all to enjoy -- wildlife and people!