We are continuing to refine the plans for the arboretum. The latest list of birch (betula) species is given below. For those interested, you can see what they look like on Google Images.

Betula Sp. Jacquemontii Greyswood Ghost, Jacquemontii Doorenbos, Albonensis China Rose, Enmanii Forest Blush, Papyrifera St. George, Utilis Mt. Luoji, Utilis Nepalese Orange, Albonensis Red Panda, Nigra, Albonensis Pink Champagne, Utilis Park Wood, Alleganiensis, Ermanii Greyswood Hill.

The trees we buy will probably be 1.5 - 2.0 metres high. Taller trees would have more immediate impact, but are cost prohibitive.

We have been in contact with all the main suppliers of betula sp. trees across the U.K., including the national birch tree collection in Devon and are currently awaiting their quotations.

Matthew Auns, Horticulture Instructor from Threave NTS visited the nature reserve last week to inspect the area intended for the arboretum and to advise on its suitability for the type of planting we have in mind. Matthew gave us some great advice on tree selection (see list above), aspect, shelterbelt plants, tree staking, deer protection and mulching. He is very supportive of our plans and has even volunteered to come along (perhaps with a few of his students!) and help with the planting. Many thanks to Michael Lawrie and Matthew Auns from Threave Gardens.

Dalbeattie Sawmill, run by BSW Timber Ltd, has very generously offered to donate a load of chipped bark which will be needed to mulch the trees. This would otherwise have been one of the most costly items for the arboretum, so we are very grateful for their support.