We have now secured funding to proceed with the project. Total funding stands at £89,000 to date.

The Forestry Commission have given a grant to cover the planting of six areas of native woodland.  A total of 4,600 trees will be planted. Initial work has involved creating this number of small mounds in which the trees will be planted.  The trees will be arriving late February when we will be asking volunteers to help with the planting.  Species will include oak, scots pine, aspen, willow, birch and alder.

Scottish Natural Heritage are providing a substantial grant to enable the creation of a footpath around the arboretum from the parking area , plus gates, signs, benches and drainage.

Grants from SWEAT (Landfill Fund), D&G Discretionary Fund and E.ON Community Fund (with the support of Colvend Community Council) have all been offered.  These funds, together with own funds will enable us to proceed with the arboretum and parking area. Our application to LEADER did not go forward as we were advised that they have no funds left. There is a possibility that, if there is any under spend on existing projects, then some funding may be available in March.  In view of this we attended a D&G Funding Roadshow and made a presentation to the Lottery Fund Officers present.  This was well received and we have now applied for funding.  The result of this application is due early March.

Two wetland scrapes have been created (one being tiered).  Scrapes are shallow depressions with gently sloping edges, which seasonally hold water.  They are very attractive to wildlife, supporting a wide variety of invertebrates and can provide important feeding areas for breeding wading birds and their chicks.

Work on the parking area and footpaths etc will commence in spring.  The arboretum, comprising some 200 birch trees of different varieties, will be planted in the autumn.