Update: January 2021 -- we continue to be available to support or local community through these challenging times.

The threat of the virus plays heavily on our minds at the moment.  The situation around the world is developing quickly and I am sure we are all attempting to follow guidance as best we can.

As a small Village, we have a number of challenges facing the community.  However, we also have a fantastic community spirit.  With this in mind, we want to assure you that you are not alone.

Using our own Community we can support each other when we need help.

Starting immediately, we will coordinate our own Community response to support each other.  The aim is to have a network of villagers who can support those who need to self-isolate or face other challenges.

We have a list of Local Shops supporting us during this challenging time.

Your own well-being

Please seek our support if you are struggling with groceries, medication, or any issues which present a problem to your daily life.  We will aim to work with your fellow villagers to get the necessary supplies to you as soon as possible.

Let us know if you do self-isolate – even if you do not have any immediate needs.  We will check-in with you each day (by email, phone, or through the window!) just to check you are well and have no requirements.

Keep in touch by emailing support@kippfordvillage.org or any of the Kippford Association Committee, or by calling a neighbour who can let us know.  Other contact options via Social Media and texting are noted here: https://kippfordvillage.org/contact

If you feel unwell – such as a new continuous cough or a fever – you should self-isolate.  Please then contact NHS24 by calling 111 or call your GP.  Do not go to the surgery.  It is especially important to call if you have shortness of breath.   Full details are on the NHS Scotland website : https://www.nhsinform.scot/illnesses-and-conditions/infections-and-poisoning/coronavirus-covid-19

Most people will start to recover in a few days, but self-isolation is still important to protect vulnerable people.

Supporting Us

Naturally, to support each other we require people who are able to assist.  If you have the potential to do a little shopping or support, please let us know.  If someone needs support we will contact the network and ask who has a spare hour.

Any help you offer would be much appreciate. 

We have no intention of putting you at risk, and would expect you to leave any shopping at their door.

If you wish to register your availability, please contact us (as above).


In Summary:  If you need help, or wish to help, email us; let a committee member know; or a neighbour who can advise us.


Please share this initiative with anyone you think may not receive this email.  We will aim to  contact in person as many people as we can who are not on our email list.


Together we will get through this.  And please remember, you a NEVER alone.



David A Jamieson
Kippford Association, Chairman