The completion of the paths has made it much easier to visualise suitable planting areas for the ornamental birch trees. In fact, if you have walked the paths over the past week or so, you will have seen tree stakes “sprouting up” across the landscape as we work out what goes where.

In a week or so we will have finalised the layout and drawn up a planting scheme, a copy of which will be in our next arboretum update.

So, our weekend schedule for preparation work on The Kipp Arboretum is as follows:

Saturday 12th 10.00 to 12.00 am AND Sunday 13th 9.00 to 11.00 am.

We will be preparing the planting holes, laying out the weed matting, spreading the chipped bark and cutting the deer netting. We won’t, at this stage, be planting any trees - they won’t arrive until November, but the work we do in October will make planting all the easier when the trees do arrive.

Please come along when you can to lend a hand, or simply to see what we are up to. Wellies, gardening gloves, and a spade if you want to do some digging.

For those arborists amongst you, here is the final planting scheme along with the list of trees and shrubs we will be planting.