Draft Minute of 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Kippford Association held in Kippford Village Hall at 7pm on Monday 26 November 2018


The Chairman welcomed the audience to the meeting. New members were particularly welcome. The Chairman introduced himself and the members of the Management Committee.

The attendance sheet recorded 44 signatures.

Apologies for absence

Apologies had been received from 18 members

Minutes of the AGM held on 27 November 2017

Draft Minutes had been published and distributed previously.

These were amended: Paragraph 6 Donation to the First Responders:

Delete : ‘ Rita asked the question - can a Charity give to another Charity?’

Insert : ‘Greta stated that she believed that a Charity is not allowed to give to another Charity’.

Adoption of the corrected Minute was proposed by S Withers and seconded by F Finlay.

Matters arising

The Treasurer stated that he had sought advice from OSCR regarding the matter a Charity donating to another Charity. He had been advised that this is legal in Scotland.

Chairperson’s Report

The Chairman noted the deaths of villagers and past villagers in the previous twelve months:Dorothy Marshall, Ted Whitworth, Sheila Ross, Anna Reid, Anne Law, Norman Mitchell,Kath Hives.

The year 2018 marks the Centenary of the death of Lieutenant Archibald Douglas Chalmers who died in Selonika on 9 December 1918. The Chalmers family donated the Village Hall and Car Park to the Villagers of Kippford in memory of their son.

The original village hall had been replaced by the current modern building many years ago. It is fitting that the Association has chosen to redecorate the hall and to replace the lighting system with new energy-efficient lighting. The modernisation is not yet complete as new curtains are to be purchased. The Chairman thanked Joanne Harris and David Jamieson for their considerable efforts to organising this whole exercise.

Since the last AGM the Association has held, among other events, a successful Carol Concert with the King Grange Singers, our traditional New Year’s Day Gathering, The Annual Kippford Dinner, the annual Family Dog Show and a Wine Tasting evening. The Chairman thanked all who had been involved in the organisation and delivery of these events.

The Chairman reminded the Members that Minutes of Committee Meetings are displayed on the noticeboard adjacent to the Hall and are published in the Association’s website.

The Purchase of The Kipp has enabled the Association to remove hazardous trees at the roadside at the top of the hill, In addition, the unsightly metal sheds have been dismantled and removed from the land.

The Chairman successfully arranged for Scottish Power Energy Networks to repair damage to the roadside fence which arose during the renewal of the power line last winter/spring. The damaged seawall has been brought to the attention of the Local Council on several occasions, but the Council lacks the resources to affect a repair.

Treasurer’s Report

Copies of the Associations, finances had been previously circulated.

H Biggar has expressed his willingness to examine the accounts in 2019


The Kippford Community Nature Reserve

Alan Dingle and Mike Riding described the proposals.

There was a request made that the KA organise the culling of deer which are causing extensive damage to gardens. Views were sought from those present if anyone objected to the proposal to cull deer. There were no objections.

Revisions to the Constitution of The Kippford Association

Proposed revisions to the Constitution had been published prior to the meeting.

These were discussed at length before the final revisions were agreed.  


Election of New Committee Members

Kate Rosindale proposed by K Gibson seconded by K Howatson

Val Bradbury proposed by E Steele seconded by F Finlay

Martin Rosindale proposed by J Withers seconded by J Copson

The Chairman thanked Douglas Waddell who has completed 8 years as Treasurer he steps down from the Committee.

David McCall had served 3 years as Chairman and has withdrawn his candidacy to seek re-election

Val Bradbury had been co-opted to serve on the Committee last year. Frank Williamson is retiring from the committee due to his work commitments. We are indebted to each for their input in the past year.


Christmas Carol Concert

The Chairman announced that the Christmas Concert will be held in the Village Hall on Friday 7 December at 7pm when the Kings Grange Singers will perform once again.

There will be no charge for entry and light refreshments will be available.

New Year’s Day Gathering

The 2019 New Year’s Day Gathering will be held in the Village Hall at 12 noon and will follow the traditional format.