Do you own holiday accommodation in Kippford?

We would like to list it on the soon-to-launch 'Accommodation' section of our website.

You may have noticed that our new website is split into three key sections, catering for different interests:  Visitors to the Village; Kippford Association Details; Information on the Kippford Community Nature Reserve.

Within the Village section we'd like to list holiday accommodation. People often contact us via the website asking about hotel, B&B, Cabin options -- this would be a great resource to point them towards.

What we need

If you're interested, please email the following:

  • Accommodation Description/Name
  • A paragraph about the accommodation
  • Your website address and/or email/contact details
  • Roughly, where in Kippford the accommodation is
  • Optionally, a photograph

Send the details to


Here's the best bit -- it's free!  We are delighted to be able to promote businesses within the village.