Events and Activities at Kippford Village Hall throughout 2018

To have events/activities shown on this page, contact David Jamieson.


Up and coming events

2 June : The Fever in concert
15-17 June: Sailability in association with the Kippford Yacht club
26 July-4 Aug: Kippford Painters exhibition
11 August: Kippford 'fun' Dog show
10 November: Wine Tasting

Regular activities taking place in Kippford Village Hall (Autumn to Spring):


19.00 - Urr Bridge Club. For details contact Richard Copson 01556 620054 or Tony Hartnell 01556 620246 (returns 1st October)


13.00 - Kippford Bridge Club. For details contact Dougal Coltart - Restarting 26 Sept 2018

18.00 - Yoga Lates. For details contact Lisa Raper 01556 620067  

Wednesdays (returns September)

10.45 - Tai Chi. For details contact Lisa Raper 01556 620067. (returns September)

19.15 - Kippford Carpet Bowling Club


18.00 - Ballet Exercise. For details contact Lisa Raper 01556 620067. (returns September)


10.30 - Yoga. For details contact Lisa Raper 01556 620067 (Finishes end of July; returns September)

19.30 - Badminton. For details contact Grahame Arrowsmith 01556 620161(Finishes end of June; returns September)

Contact the principals above to obtain further information.

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